It’s been raining cats and dogs in the San Francisco area, and Zazzle’s campus in Redwood City has a brand new lake (see above). And in this Lake Zazzle lives a monster by the name of Greg.

Truth is, we dared Greg to go for a swim in the new lake. He took our dare, along with $500 we collected, and went for a refreshing swim in nothing but his skivvies. Honestly, Greg was the only one who won in the end.

Here’s some video of the shenanigans. It is perhaps NSFW. Or any setting for that matter. But we don’t care. It’s Wednesday at Zazzle!

We love you Greg!

12 Responses to “THE LOCH ZAZZLE MONSTER!”

  1. habitformingsf Says:

    Check out more video footage and photos of the Loch Zazzle Monster!

    Video 1:
    Video 2:


  2. Jealous Says:

    I love this post. I’m constantly telling people how cool it must be to work there. Please keep it up so I can continue to remind my boss and the other execs that culture does matter!

    Jealous in the Valley

  3. Reaubhat Says:

    This swim was the talk of the office over at DreamWorks Animation too. Way to liven up the day at the office park, Zazzle guy!

  4. Sketchart26 Says:

    lol you guys sure have a lot of fun there. Nice lake by the way and good to see Greg had the good sence to put it to good use. Thanks for sharing guys always fun your posts.

  5. Lasgalen Arts Says:

    Greg…they don’t pay you enough. BTW, I didn’t see him swim. *devilish grin*


  6. Susan Wells Says:

    I knew you folks in Cali were wide open, but I now have new appreciation!

  7. Lilly Says:

    You guys are looney nuts! That is so fun. Maybe you could string rope or wire from one building to another and tightrope walk across ABOVE THE LAKE. Or build a zazzle hot air balloon and give rides up and down over the lake. Better yet, rent a yacht and put it in the lake for a party on board. Quick before the ducks come.

  8. Andy Howell Says:

    Greg you rule and Artsprojekt wants to sponsor you for scuba gear when our new line comes out!!!

  9. Fit2BeTied Says:

    Now there’s something you don’t see every day! ;-))

  10. Carolyn McFann Says:

    That lake needs some Zazzle koi carp. So…dress in orange and white as a group and go swim in there again :) That sure would be a photo op.

  11. KLAATUWI Says:

    Oh God, I need to get job there!!

  12. Chantelle Says:

    LOL…you all look like a cool, fun team! Glad to see their is fun in your day too :)) Have a totally AWESOME week & THANKS for all your help in making Zazzle such a SUPER company to work for! Smiles 2 You All, Chantelle

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