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Can I get a Fist Pump! Jersey Shore Official Store on Zazzle!

January 5, 2010

As we say goodbye to 2009, I got to dish a little bit of gossip!  In a partnership with MTV, Zazzle has recently launched stores for 2 of the more popular reality TV shows currently on primetime.

For those of you not caught up, imagine if MTV staged “Real World” on the Jersey Shore with 8 characters, with names like “The Situation” and “Jwoww”, who combine steroids, fake tans, and hair gel to make some of the yummiest television ever seen.  And to those who don’t yet know about fist pumping, apparently you don’t know jack.  Guido fist pumping is the only form of dance accepted on the Jersey Shore, and Zazzle is now home to the Jersey Shore Official Store!  Complete with Fist Pumping, Hot Bartenders, Team Snooki, and The Situation.

And everyone has heard all those claims from an unnamed cocktail waitress about her alleged affair with Tiger Woods, whose leaked voicemail triggered the golfer’s public apology.  Well that cocktail waitress is one of the stars of VH1′s bad-boyfriend-reality-show Tool Academy, a show featuring “unsuspecting bad boys” who have been sent to “relationship boot camp”. Is your favorite bad boy a Dropout, a Graduate, or an esteemed member of the Honor Roll?

More dish from our friends at MTV coming soon!

T-Shirt Rewind: Top 10 Events of 2009

January 4, 2010

It’s the first full week of 2010 and that means many of you are returning to work, school or new episodes of “General Hospital.” I thought it would be fun to rewind a bit and take stock of 2009 to celebrate the good, the bad, and the funny. See below for ten of the most memorable events from 2009 and the t-shirts to match.

  1. President Obama – Obama takes the White House by storm (and get’s a dog!)
  2. Financial Meltdown/Stimulus Plan – It’s the financial meltdown! Nah na na na, na na na naa!
  3. Cash for Clunkers – Too bad my clunker wasn’t old enough.
  4. Sonia Sotomayor – The Wise Latina of the Supreme Court.
  5. Edward Kennedy Dies – His legacy lives on in the policies he created and the people he helped.
  6. Mark Sanford – Was he hiking the Appalachian Trail or meeting women in Argentina? We’ll never know…
  7. Balloon Boy – I hope he makes it all the way around the world.
  8. Swine Flu – Bacon tastes good!
  9. Health Care Debate – I just eat more apples now.
  10. Twitter – I tweeted this blog post.

Let’s hope 2010 (I said twenty ten in my head) is as exciting as 2009. Happy New Year!


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