Customizable Shuffleboards? Heck yeah!


We decided to do a little R&D (research and delight) at the Zazzle HQ yesterday by installing a brand new shuffleboard table complete with Zazzle customization. Check out the pictures below; is that the Zazzle logo as an inlay in the wood? I think so! Not sure if we’re planning on adding this to the product offering onsite anytime soon….it could come down to a game of shuffleboard to decide. I’ll be sure to post some video of people playing as soon as we can find the pucks.

7 Responses to “Customizable Shuffleboards? Heck yeah!”

  1. Selena Says:

    That looks grand! All you need is a two-lane bowling alley to match!:-) Customizable bowling balls and all!:-) Oh, please open an office in Canada in Sault Ste. Marie!!! You will never find more loyal, creative workers as you will here…plus I live there too!:-)

  2. AlongThoseLines Says:

    Custom Inlay – I LIKE it.
    Boy does that begin to get the ideas running through my head.
    My loss of sleep is all due to you guys!
    (thank you.)

  3. Celebrationstation Says:

    What I wouldn’t give to work for this company!!! :o)

  4. Fairywoods Says:

    That looks very cool and nothing like a little relaxation in a friendly environment!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! :-)

  5. NADIRA Says:

    interesting. marvelous idea.

  6. reflekshins Says:

    DOOD !

    man I love this game, but you need a Zazzle keg to go with

  7. Patricia Sanders Says:

    Very cool! I almost thought we would be able to have them in our zazzle galleries…

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