Do I play Hockey?


Well I play air hockey, ball hockey, field hockey, barn hockey, bubble hockey, field hockey, hockey all the time! The Winter Games are now in full swing which means two things to me, Team USA hockey and doubles figure skating (singles just isn’t the same without Brian Boitano). Many people are leaning towards our neighbor to the north (Ahem Canadians, support your country using to win the whole thing but I think we can pull off the gold medal with a little extra fan support. So join me and support all of Team USA with some great Team USA t-shirts from Zazzle. Check out some of my favorites below.

2 Responses to “Do I play Hockey?”

  1. Caza Creations Says:

    I thought only Canadians knew that song. Are you sure you’re not Canadian, Patrick? If anyone wants to hear the song for themselves in its entirety, watch the video of The Hockey Song by Jughead here:

    Anyway, thanks for featuring my American BLADES design. However, even though I wish Team USA well, being Canadian myself, I have designed a Canada BLADES version as well. So you’ll forgive me if I cheer on Team Canada in men’s and women’s hockey at the Vancouver Olympics. Go, Canada, Go!

  2. Caza Creations Says:

    P.S. Maybe we will be fortunate enough to see a USA vs Canada final for the gold medal game :)

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