Food is here!


One of the perks of working late night at Zazzle is the dinner service. For those Zazzle Team members that toil into the wee hours of the night, they have the option of ordering dinner from some of the local restaurants thanks to a lovely little service called Restaurants on the Run. Being an internet company, when the food arrives, employees announce it via email – hilarity ensues. We just had to share some of the more creative “food is here” emails that have been sent over the years.

Subject Lines:

  • food is here (eom)
  • (> (> (> Pizza! <) <) <)
  • nummies
  • Every time I come around the city…Jing! Jing! (the restaurant is called Jing Jing)
  • EFW = Eat From Work (a.k.a. The food is here)
  • ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨ ♨
  • If you ordered food…Max will sing opera for you now. (the restaurant is called Max’s Opera Cafe)
  • Food anyone???
  • .ereh si doof ehT (read in mirror)
  • das Essen ist hier
  • 0xF00D
  • Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi are here. And no, it’s not a Lamonica family reunion. (the restaurant is called Frankie, Johnnie & Luigis)
  • Karns is not here, but the food is.
  • IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM tb_Dinners WITH (NOLOCK)) PRINT ‘Dinner is here’
  • 这里的食物 (The food is here)
  • Comida
  • Food.Location == ZazzlePlace.Kitchen
  • CFG FILECH4NGE: r77777 – z.1/

What’s your family’s creative way to call everyone to the dinner table?

7 Responses to “Food is here!”

  1. No.59 Says:

    Table? What table? Zazzlers eat in front of the computer too often!

    It once was something like, “Come and get it before your brother eats it all! and there’s nothing left!”

  2. nerdly Says:


    I grew up (mostly) in Mississippi. In the South, shouting “grits!” at the top of your voice is an acceptable way to call people to a meal – whether you are serving grits or not.

  3. Mouse Says:

    Order up! is how I call my family to the supper table. Or simply “FOOD!”

  4. webmistress27 Says:

    dinners ready! if you miss out you will pass out…from lack of food


  5. Caza Creations Says:

    “Soup’s on!” That is the old standby. “Wakey, wakey. Eggs and bakey” is another one.
    “Get it before it’s gone!”
    “Strap on your feedbag”
    “Chow time”

  6. iwantiwishicould Says:

    A family friend, when she’d had enough of cooking,
    would place a sign on the fridge. The sign read ‘GYO’.
    When the family saw the sign, they would know it was a
    ‘Get Your Own’ night.

  7. Insomniak Design Says:

    When I was working overtime our choices were Pizza, Pizza or Pizza…gotta admit it was some damn good Pizza tho :)

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