New Zazzle Product: PRO-Keds Shoes!


Say hello to PRO-Keds shoes for men and women – the first ever fully customizable sneaker! PRO-Keds are a fashion staple of retro hip-hop, also worn by some of the most legendary players in basketball history. Now, thanks to THE POWER OF ZAZZLE (did you hear that echo?) these sneakers are customizable, individualizable, and personalizable. Of course you can create your own PRO-Keds shoes or shop some of the pattern shoes, vintage shoes, urban shoes and more in the Zazzle marketplace. Some of my newly created favorites are below.

Sellers, share your new PRO-Keds in the comments!

14 Responses to “New Zazzle Product: PRO-Keds Shoes!”

  1. jane Says:

    Wow, I’m SOOOOO excited. You guys are awesome!! I can finally get shoes wide enough for my square feet & shoes for my husband too!!!!!!!! Ooooh, I can’t wait to create some!

  2. Cutencomfy Says:

    Hi Everyone!! Please check out my pro-keds designs. Camo, Stars, Graffiti and More! (Click Here)

  3. James Says:

    They’re here. Well I’ve got a few favourites. Like:

    Dusky Pink Jellyfish Hi Keds by JamesOakleyBrowse Fractal Keds Shoes

    Sunrise Mosaic Hi Keds by JamesOakley Design custom shoes at Zazzle


    Swirling Deep Hi Keds by JamesOakley Make Keds sneakers with

  4. DODGERFL Says:

    Got half dozen on the site now in the keds section .Got an early start .Trying to come up with some “manly designs ” . Mostly manly anyway ? Some female may be interested though.

  5. Mozaix Says:

    I created a hi top and waiting for it to be approved by Zazzle for the marketplace. So exciting!

    Here is the link:

    Zazzle is always coming out with so many new and exciting products.

  6. Patricia Sanders Says:

    Here is mine:

  7. Elenaind Says:

    Great featured!
    I created mine,here is the link :

  8. Mikael Says:

    I have made some nice mandelbrot fractal shoes:
    Mandelbrot Fractal Shoes

    Here is one i like, your shoes will be noticed if you were them!
    Hypnotic Portal Shoe

  9. Olympia Says:

    Check mine in my shoe store:

  10. Insomniak Apparel Says:

    Im loving the new high tops!

    Made a section specially for Custom Designed Shoes check em out!

  11. Stuccoloco Says:

    My entry is Summer Solstice
    See it on the front page of my store ‘Stuccoloco’ in featured products below the category choices.

  12. CL Monro Says:

    See my Hi-tops ‘Summer Solstice’ on front page of my shop ‘Stuccoloco’ in featured products just below categories…..Like everyone else, I am enjoying designing these new products!

  13. Rita Says:

    Check out my contest entry at:

    Thanks for looking!!


  14. Mike Says:

    cool design, i will try to design the style shoes

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