New Seller Features!


Last week saw the launch of a few cool new features for sellers, as well as the return of the Featured Products category for your stores! Let’s walk through all the new goodness…

My Products Actions Menu
First, we consolidated a bunch of product actions under one simple actions dropdown in your My Products section. This was done to visually clean up the page and organize all the actions that could be performed on a product in one convenient menu.

Actions Menu

This menu allows you to:

  • Edit (open full edit dialog)
  • Set store category (quick way to change what category this product belongs to)
  • Add to Featured Products (see below!)
  • Send to front (for sorting)
  • Send to back (for sorting)
  • Delete (remove this product)

Featured Products
Thanks to great Seller feedback, Featured Products are back and better than ever! Now you can add as many products as you want to the Featured Products category, sort them however you want, and display them on your store homepage! 

New Store Homepage Options
You can now
show the following on your store homepage:

  • Products (display products with your default sort)
  • Featured Products (displays the special Featured Products category)
  • Products from a specific category (displays products from any category in your store that you choose)
  • No products (don’t display any products)

For more detailed information on how to set this all up, see How to Configure What Shows in Your Store

New Category Displays
There are now five different ways to display your product categories in your store:

  1. Full grid (shows all icons in a grid)
  2. Full grid with category names (same as above but with text links under each icon)
  3. Scrollable (one row of four icons that scrolls horizontally)
  4. Scrollable with category names (same as above but with text links under each icon)
  5. Text only links (shows a grid of text links only)

You can select how you want your categories to display from the Edit Content page in My Account.

Associate Center
If you are a Zazzle Associate that makes money referring people to Zazzle, the information in the Associate Center is very important. That’s why it now has its own tab under My Account! Favorites can now be found under your Account tab.

So…what’s YOUR favorite new feature?

19 Responses to “New Seller Features!”

  1. Chantelle Says:

    I totally love the Featured Products easy-click and the Associates Tab….THANKS!!!

  2. MouseArte Says:

    I like the options given on what you can show on your homepage, it makes it much easier to change them up whenever you want to. Good job on all of it everyone.

  3. The MUSEUM Says:

    Thank you for bring back Featured Products – suggest you may want to add more information on how to use the feature for newbies – either here or add a link to help – in my humble opinion it will help the customer, the seller and Zazzle

  4. Kunstdrom Says:

    Featured Products! Its more easier to show up different products on top of all.

  5. Dianna Newby Says:

    I am glad to see featured sections brought back but especially lengthened….
    always thought it should be able to contain what ever I wanted to display.
    Happy Zazzling.

  6. Dianna Newby Says:

    I’m glad to see featured section brought backl.but especially lengthened.always thought it should be.

  7. Jo-AnnHayden Says:

    I would like to be including in all the information zazzle is sharing in this forum. I hope by leaveing this comment, I too shall now recieve this very informative information from zazzle.

  8. Rocky Rocks Says:

    I like the option to show products from a specific category on your homepage! That feature is really cool! Thank you Zazzle for all these improvements! I ‘m waiting for the option to put a product in a second store category! That would really make a huge improvement in my store!

  9. Dianna Newby Says:

    Zazzle has become a family experience for me. I just love you guys

  10. M_Cavet Says:

    Brining back featured products is great, and now it is better then ever! Thanks a lot to the programmers!
    I like these changes very much!

  11. Tabitha Jones Says:

    thank you for bringing back Featured Products!!! I have several very different lines in my store, and this helps to showcase them all equally. 5* and lots of hugs for this one!!!!

  12. McT421 Says:

    Those updates are fantastic! I only just started properly organizing my shop, and Action Menu and Category Grid are already some of my best friends. :) They come very naturally and it’s easy to have the store nicely sorted even without a header and additional CSS. Great!

  13. Military T-shirts Says:

    I really liek the featured products section – is there a way to become an affiliate of this site and these products. I can sell the military t-shirts and then come to your guys for the very custom options our customers request. Who do I contact?

  14. elizabeth Says:

    yiiiippppeeeeee . . thanks for bringing back the Featured section, AND thanks for making it longer. Another wonderful thing is being able to showcase one specific category …. GREAT JOB everyone!

  15. Santiago Romagosa Says:

    You have done it again! Thank you for the new ways you provide to make us all look even better and more professional. I am very satisfied with being able to display as many products as I choose for the featured section and also with the fact that you can see them all without leaving the main page of the store.

    I am sure you are already working on this, but will we soon be able to donate a percentage of our royalty or referral income to a charity, Red Cross, Save The Children, or the like?

    Kind regards,

    Santiago Romagosa
    QUIXOTEdotTV at Zazzle

  16. Janet Lee Says:

    Feature my favorite…but I also like the change category selection too! Great Job!

  17. Nick D Says:

    Love the new features. Keep ‘em coming! Great work guys.

  18. Carolyn McFann Says:

    Great new features! Very happy with them.

  19. Hussein Says:

    I would like the option to have a “Random” organization of products on the store homepage.

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