Softproduct’s Wonderful Zazzle Poem


Softproduct, posted this poem in the forums about Zazzle and the community of artists that make this place great. Its awesomeness needed to be shared on the blog.


This Zazzle family continues
insinuate its values
to the sinew.

You are the people that I want to be.
The people I can see that care.

People who are aware, and are there when I need.
And no, it’s not about greed.
It’s about the art of being human.

It’s about the Human art of caring, sharing, and being daring in a sea of noise.

It’s about creating smiles, not just making toys.

My Zazzle friends are talented, helpful, hopeful, and sometimes a handful.
They help me design, unwind, and learn how to be kinder in a world that needs more saints.

Zazzle is the canvass on which they paint.

I see fairies, prairies, and photography that nearly blinds me.
I am amazed by the creativity I see daily. Barely able to exhale before I see another design that devastates, levitates, or finds me without speech, or breath.

I suffocate gladly on this ether of creation.
It is an atmosphere I call the Zazzle nation.


8 Responses to “Softproduct’s Wonderful Zazzle Poem”

  1. BASH Says:

    You know you are cool when you have a poem… YAY Zazzle nation!!!!

  2. Stuccoloco Says:

    Says it all

  3. Steve Fan Says:

    Another gem, Steve. Very nice.

  4. kalos_eidos Says:

    Beautiful! Kudos to you!

  5. Maria.G Says:

    lol yup def Bash! hehe

  6. Steve Says:

    I was just tellin’ it like it is!
    Zazzle rocks!
    Thanks for the comments guys!

  7. zazzleproducts1 Says:

    Well said!

  8. barbaralaketahoe Says:

    “It’s about the art of being human.”

    Thank you Steve. What a wonderful quote to remember everyday.

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