Biden, Zazzle, and MSNBC – This is a big F***king Deal!


In case you haven’t heard, our favorite VP of Gaffes has done it again with his announcement that the passage of the health care legislation is a “Big f***king deal!” Well in fact it has been a big deal! The quote inspired lots of Sellers to make t-shirts and MSNBC to talk about the t-shirts. Check out the video of our CEO talking about the t-shirts designed by Sellers today that aired today (internet = real-timey). Also, check out below for more a big fucking deal t-shirts.


4 Responses to “Biden, Zazzle, and MSNBC – This is a big F***king Deal!”

  1. NADIRA Says:

    every thing is a big fucking deal. nice

  2. pulp ink Says:

    Awesome shirts guys!

  3. Insomniak T-Shirts Says:

    Holy shit, we’re allowed to swear on this blog? Thats not very fucking corporate! :)

  4. [ZAZZLE] Zazzle on MSNBC - T-Shirt Forums Says:

    [...] [...]

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