EA Launches 3 New Stores


What could be better then playing an awesome video game…

Not much, right? How about playing said game while wearing an awesome t-shirt from EA, like one from Dante’s Inferno, Medal of Honor, or American McGee’s Alice!  Well, you’re in luck because EA just added stores for those games here at Zazzle, and I have to say.. <geekout> the gamer in me loves the idea of battling through the 9 circles of hell, while wearing a comfy hoodie with McGee’s Cheshire cat on it, seriously. </geekout>

Check out the new stores they launched, and be sure to check out all the games EA has available at Zazzle here: EAbrand (more games coming soon).

American Mcgees Alice Cheshire Cat T-ShirtMedal of Honor Logo T-ShirtDante's Inferno with Scythe T-Shirt

What’s your favorite EA game?

One Response to “EA Launches 3 New Stores”

  1. joshd Says:

    alice was groundbreaking when it came out – and scary! one of the best q3a engine games – good times back in 2000. great to see these EA classics on zazzle!

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