The First Ever Seller Wednesday


It’s Seller Wednesday!! *cheers*

Not sure what Seller Wednesday is? Here’s the scoop…

Every Wednesday we’ll give you, the seller, a chance to interact and share with Zazzle through Twitter and Facebook. Then, what you share will enter you to be featured on the blog or win awesome prizes!!

If you’re following us on Twitter and/or if you “like” (formerly known as being a fan of) us on Facebook, be sure to look for a message/tweet that includes the tag #SellerWed, which will tell you what’s going down.

So here we go, this is the first Seller Wednesday challenge!

What are you doing for the Earth on Earth Day, and how are you using Zazzle to do it?

Send us a brief story about something you’ve done, or plan on doing for Earth Day. Like if you are planning on using your Zazzle earnings to plant trees, or donating 20% of your earnings to a green charity, let us know. You must also send us your Zazzle handle(s), plus a photo and/or video of you doing said thing as proof.  It’s our home and it deserves some pampering at least once a year, right?

The prizes:

1 person from Facebook and 1 person from Twitter will have their stories featured on Friday in an exclusive ‘how much our sellers care’ post-Earth Day blog, along with links to their wonderful Zazzle stores.

The details:

  • You must be following us on Twitter &/or “like” us on Facebook in order to be eligible for any Seller Wednesday prizes.
  • Entry must include #SellerWed (for twitter), a link to a story (on your blog), picture/video, and your Zazzle handle(s). You may email with your story, etc. but you have to include twitter/facebook handle for verification.
  • You may enter on both Twitter and Facebook, but of course will only win once. :)
  • You have until 11:59 pm on Thursday (tomorrow) to submit your stories.
  • The more creative and inspiring, the better.  I know you are all creative so this should be a cinch!

4 Responses to “The First Ever Seller Wednesday”

  1. Dawna Says:

    Great idea! Unfortunately the SOLVE cleanup of the fox creek trail which I am planning on doing is not until Saturday…

  2. Best Designers Ever Says:

    For us earth day is every day!
    When we go shopping we take with us the reusable bag instead of using plastic bags.
    We decided to design this bag so u can also help us keeping the environment clean!
    Go Green Go!!
    our online store:*

  3. elenaind Says:

    Contribute to save our Planet wearing and gifting Eco Bag ..everyone of us can help Earth every day!

    my store:*

  4. Seller Wednesday Earth Day Winners « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] Wednesday Earth Day Winners By Jes, Zazzle Community Producer On Wednesday, we challenged you to tell us what you were doing for Earth Day, and how you were involving Zazzle in your plans.  After carefully looking over all the [...]

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