Seller Wednesday Promotional Items


There are many ways to promote your stores online: squidoo, blogs, twitter, facebook, vlogs, etc., but what about offline?  What products do you purchase to promote your store and how do you use them? Do you hand out items at conventions/fairs? Do you have a blog where your followers have chances to win your merchandise?  Share your favorite ways to promote your store offline in the comments, on our Facebook wall, or on Twitter (be sure to include the hashtag #SellerWed)!

Since it’s Seller Wednesday, the better question is – what promotional products do you use, or you would like to use, that you would like to see on sale? Choose from one of the products below and on Friday we’ll have a sale on that item! You want it, we’re listening.

Which is your favorite? Vote Here!!

Polls close Thursday morning.

10 Responses to “Seller Wednesday Promotional Items”

  1. Paula Atwell Says:

    I pass out business cards to people everywhere with the Zazzle store info on it.

  2. Rozine Says:

    I have a lot of online giveaways at my Facebook Fan Page. This leads to outside advertising because my fans end up with my merchandise (for free). Happy fans lead to more fans. Some of my winning fans are now my best sales people! They like to show off their “winnings” and their curious friends end up checking out my store and my fan page.

    I also have some skinny business cards that I take with me everywhere. I stick them on bulletin boards at cafes and coffee shops and I even leave them with the tip when I’m eating out. And of course I give them to every person that I meet while out and about.

    One last thing that I do, is talk about Zazzle every chance I get! Just yesterday my pregnant friend was asking if anyone could draw her a cartoon for some baby shower invites. I sent her to Zazzle and she has not looked back!

  3. Anotherfort Says:

    I mostly do business cards and bookmarks. I’ve also tried flyers but its hard to find places to post them. I am a big fan of affordable stuff you can do at home.

  4. elenaind Says:

    I’ve got bumper sticker with my zazzle store logo on it and I put it on my scooter :)

  5. Ssscales Says:

    We are new to zazzle, but try and promote our store via FB, Twitter, other community forums relative to our designs and theme. I came over at the recommendation of a friend and have been very pleased with the versatility and how user friendly zazzle is to use for both seller and buyers.

  6. Cherie Says:

    I am checking out the giveaways!! I love those!!

    I voted for buttons, cuz I love ‘em, but figured that t-shirts would be the number ONE way to promote Zazzle!

    Happy creating,

  7. sandyspider Says:

    I mainly brag about my products, especially one’s that I just sold on Twitter and Facebook fan page Sandyspider Zazzles. Though I’m not sure how much response I get from Twitter.

    I also blog about it, brag about it on nings and write Squidoo lenses. Also use other social networks.

  8. Patricia Sanders Says:

    I use Squdoo to promote my gallery. I also tweet and use Facebook to show products, and I blog about it.

  9. mspatricia Says:

    Nobody posting here since May??? What’s up with that. I was hoping to learn how to generate some traffic to my zazzle store. :-(

  10. corporate gift ideas Says:

    Giving away promotional items to loyal customers are great too, because it boost loyalty and at the same time attract new customers. Thanks for sharing this article.

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