Seller Wednesday – Guest Blog by ProSeller KrispysKingdom


Kris, from the Zazzle store KrispysKingdom, wanted to share a great project that combines helping cancer patients and Zazzle in a new and unique way. Read Kris’s story below for another edition of “Guest Blog,” for Seller Wednesday!

Green Photo Feel Better BinderGreen Feel Better Binder Calendar Flyer

Kris: It all started with my cousin, Kelli. At the age of 26 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and fought for more than 4 years to battle this deadly disease. Kelli is now 32 and has just 4 more years to go without the cancer returning before she will be considered cancer-free.

During her first cancer treatment round, Kelli had a terrible time keeping the mass of paperwork organized. Necessity being the mother of invention, Kelli created a binder to organize her cancer treatment paperwork to make sure nothing was missed – the Feel Better Binder was born. After recovery (and a couple more years to feel like herself again) Kelli asked me to help develop the Feel Better Binder on Zazzle to help other cancer patients stay organized. Zazzle’s custom binders, combined with my design skills, became a way for Kelli to aid other cancer patients who were feeling the burden of treatment.

The Feel Better Binder along with the informational PDF available in my store is one way family and friends can help cancer patients in dealing with the incredible amount of work it takes to overcome the disease.

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7 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Guest Blog by ProSeller KrispysKingdom”

  1. Jennifer Cambray Says:

    What an inspiring story! …you did a great job, such a wonderful idea. I’ll be sure to share your story and send people to your store. All the best!

  2. Jerry Says:

    Great idea for a Zazzle custom binder. Awesome job Kris. Here’s hoping Kelli continues to beat this terrible thing.

  3. Danielle Says:

    Touching story! Great job!

  4. D-Digital Says:

    Wow! = 0 I love the stores!

  5. Maria.G Says:

    awesome Kris, thats wonderful! My thoughts are with Kellie and everyone who is going through this terrible disease
    Go Kris! we love you!

  6. Dorothy Says:

    What a wonderful idea Kris. Best wishes for Kellie.

  7. Beachwalker Says:

    Great story and idea, Kris. It’s amazing how just getting something organized can take some of the burden off and leave you able to deal with the rest. Best thoughts to Kelli.

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