Seller Wednesday – How to use a Flash Panel to Promote Your Zazzle Store


It’s Seller Wednesday!

Sellers that have been at Zazzle for awhile probably already know about the flash panel, but for all the newbies out there (or sellers that are looking for new ways to promote their store), we’ll be going over the benefit of creating flash panels for additional store advertising.

There are two ways to go about create a flash panel, we’ll go over both.

Creating a Flash Panel After You Create a Product

The easiest way to get the code for a flash panel is after you create a product.  Once you make a product, you will find a flash panel on the “Congratulations” page with your newest products featured.  You can either copy and paste the code provided, or if you wanted to change it up a bit (changing the Title &/or Skin), you can click on the “Create a customized panel”, and it will take you into the Associates center in your account. The details on how to edit your flash panel are in the next section.

Creating a Flash Panel in Your Account

Step One – Login into your Zazzle account (if you’re coming from the “Congratulation” screen, you can continue to step 2).  Once you’re logged in, go to your “My Account” section, and click on the “Associates” tab.  In the left navigation, under “link building,” you will find the link for creating flash panels. Go ahead and click on that.

Step Two – At first, it’ll pop up with products from the marketplace. If you want to create a flash panel of your own products, put your handle in the Seller section, and click “Preview your feed”.

Step Three – Now that your feed is showing, hit the “Next” button to take you to a preview of your panel.   Feel free to change the Title and the Skin (which will change the background color) of your flash panel. Every time you make a change you’ll have to hit “Preview your panel” in order for it to update.

Once you have it looking the way you want, click “Save & Finish”. You can then copy and paste the provided code in your blog, on your webpage… pretty much anywhere you’d normally go to promote your store.

Share how you use your flash panel in the comments, on our Facebook wall, or on Twitter.

6 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – How to use a Flash Panel to Promote Your Zazzle Store”

  1. CircusValley Says:

    When promoting other people products in blog posts you can add their store Flash Panel under the product. View more by …

  2. Annalee Says:

    I put flash panels on my website. One way I use them is for affiliate links or to highlight one of my other stores at Zazzle. If I have a themed page and I see another shopkeeper that sells products that fit that theme I’ll set up a flash panel keyed to look for aspecific search term.

  3. Mr coffeebean Says:

    This simplified panel just good for my blog and facebook, thanks to Zazzle!!

  4. D-Digital Says:

    You guys have it all! Thanks Zazzle!

  5. larakulpa Says:

    Would be great if there were more skins for the panel… Something very minimalist would be WONDERFUL.

  6. jatomlinson Says:

    What I would love to see is a way to add individual products to the flash panel that I want to feature on my blog, rather than just typing in a term and having the flash panel ad whatever it wants. Some products are better suited to my audience than others. I have not yet found a way to add products individually to the flash panel. Please make this an option Zazzle. Thanks!

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