Winners of the Zazzle T-Shirt Giveaway!


The Zazzle T-Shirt Giveaway on Facebook is now over! We received many great entries, but in the end the voters decided the winners. As we said in the contest rules, the ten groups with the most votes would win the t-shirts. However there was a tie at tenth place…so now eleven groups get 100 free t-shirts! See below for the winning groups and see all the entries here! Thanks everyone for participating!

  1. Noah’s Quest Votes: 473
  2. Miracle for Madison & Friends (378 votes)
  3. East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue (349 votes)
  4. Brian Littrell’s Healthy Heart Club (264 votes)
  5. Austin’s Warriors (263 votes)
  6. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (223 votes)
  7. My T-Spot (215 votes)
  8. We’re Doin’ It In Jamaica (178 votes)
  9. Fighting Leukemia with Grant (168 votes)
  10. Phoenix Lake Stables (161 votes)
  11. Al Rio Fans & Followers (161 votes)

Missed your chance? Check our Facebook often; there might be a new contest in the works…

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