Meat Pancakes – A Birthday Celebration


Birthday celebrations can be a tad unorthodox at Zazzle and the celebration for Zazzle Team member Demian was no exception.

Demian loves two things in life, Ironman and pancakes. This of course makes for an easy birthday recipe – Ironman themed decorations with lots of pancakes. But, it’s Zazzle, we couldn’t make normal pancakes with syrup! Say hello to meat pancakes; pancakes combined with bacon, sausage, and ham, turning a boring breakfast into a pork-blasted breakfast experience. Suffice to say everyone was stuffed (the whole team ate a combine 22lbs of pork) and Demian was pleased. Pictures below.

Want the recipe? It’s easy:

  1. Grill ham, bacon, and sausage
  2. Make pancake batter
  3. Add pork to pancakes
  4. Eat pancakes with lots of syrup and butter
  5. Repeat

11 Responses to “Meat Pancakes – A Birthday Celebration”

  1. Mike Says:

    22 pounds of pork? Impressive.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Yes, Bacon!!!! lol

  3. Tabitha Says:

    WOW!! those look goooood… Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more =D

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh my goodness somebody is holding a pretty long knife! :-)) I guess he must have been very hungry!! :-))

  5. Caroline Says:

    WOW – I could feel my arteries harden as I was reading. BUT – it does sound sinfully delicious. AHHHH bacon = meat candy !!!

  6. Kris H. Says:

    OMG! Those pancakes look scrumptious! I’m not much of a pancake eater, but I could put away a few that are packed with pork! Happy birfday Demian!

  7. Cherie Says:

    NICE BIRTHDAY gift, wow! Happy belated Demian! Get that photo of that pancake on a T-SHIRT!!!

  8. Reflekshins Says:

    Looks good — add a scoop of steamed rice on the side — heh heh. I’ll have to add this to my breakfast list — just throw some benefitber on those babies.

  9. Teresa (TeriFr) Says:

    It is cool, makes me hungry.

  10. Flags! Says:

    I LOVE pancakes! The meat idea is wonderful. BUT since I read the label and found out that Pancake Syrup has 225 calories to 1/4 cup — I have gone in shock. Mostly cause we always eat 3-4 pancakes at a sitting which is 440 calories without peanut butter or syrup!!! Boohoo! Sniff, sniff.

  11. Melanie Says:

    Now this is just another reason I wish I worked at Zazzle!

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