Zazzle’s First Annual Chili Cook-Off


Today was Zazzle’s first Annual Chili Cook-Off! 11 Zazzlers entered their wonderful chili recipes, from spicy to savory, in a contest for prizes and to share their secret creations with the entire office. The contest was judged by a panel of four AWESOME judges (yes I happened to be a judge) that chose their winner based on flavor, aroma, and creativity. It was hard to judge, but in the end, Zazzler Eric won with his exceptional green chili. Eric described it as a, “…New Mexico Chile Verde made with organically grown pork shoulder and hatch chilies from a small farm in NM.” For winning first prize Eric received a trophy that is, um… very unique. I’ll let you guys guess what the trophy is in the comments. See below for pictures.

The contestants

The awesome judges

It’s chili time!

There was a lot to judge…

The Winner, Eric with his special “trophy”

The Judges with the Winner

Thanks to all the Zazzle Team Members that submitted a chili!

7 Responses to “Zazzle’s First Annual Chili Cook-Off”

  1. Nique Says:

    mmmm…. <3 Hatch green chili – sure do miss it now that I'm in Michigan! LoL Grats Eric!

  2. Lori Says:

    Congrats to you, Eric. As far as the trophy… hmmm… not sure WHAT that is! but I don’t think you’ll be able to re-gift it ;-)

  3. TeeZazzle Says:

    I want to work at Zazzle!!!!
    Congrats to the winner!! …and to Team Chili

  4. Reflekshins Says:

    Hey I saw that guy at Wendy’s buying a lot of chili. heh heh

  5. Ricaso Says:

    Congrats on the win Eric .. pretty funny they gave you the sack for it though :P .. ( bulls sacks O_O )

  6. Pip Says:

    this is so great! go zazzle!

  7. monique Says:

    yeah to the bloggers on bourbon ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

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