Design on the iPad!


Many of us here at Zazzle headquarters are enjoying playing with our new iPads.  However, we were a bit disappointed that our design tool did not work as well as it could.  But we recently made some changes to fix this.

When using the Zazzle Design Tool on the iPad you can now re-arrange objects and resize them using your finger.

Zazzle on the iPad

It's easy to re-arrange design objects with your finger on the iPad!

There’s just one troubling limitation – due to a limitation of the Safari browser on the iPad you cannot upload images from your iPad photo library into a design.  But if you have images in your Zazzle account you can use those when making your design – just login to your Zazzle account to access those images.

If you’ve got an iPad go ahead and give it a try and let us know what you think.

8 Responses to “Design on the iPad!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Works great on my HP Touchsmart PC and my Toshiba Tablet too. Touchscreens are great.

  2. Zazzle likes Froyo! « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] By Ed Caggiani, User Experience Designer Last week we posted about how our Zazzle design tool works well on Apple’s iPad tablet. This week I’m here to show you how well it works on Google’s Android [...]

  3. Prosper Says:

    Can you make a Zazzle app for iPad that fixes this limitation?

  4. thisnik (@thisnik) Says:

    Dang. I do most of my image editing directly from my iPad; it sucks that I have to take that extra step and go to my PC in order to upload the images. Do you have any apps in the works for bridging this gap?

  5. Kellie Says:

    Need a zazzle app – being unable to open photos from iPad library is very frustrating and now wont use zazzle to create my kids party invites. Lost a customer!

  6. laurabarbosa Says:

    Great Info – getting ready to purchase an iPad because I’m going to the country for 2 weeks and must Zazzle! Thanks

  7. Mike Says:

    Man am I disappointed. I discovered the Zazzle app on my iPad and literally stayed up all night enjoying the simplicity and fun as I created 67 new items. I just about fainted when I discovered just now that NONE of those items are posted in my store. Instead… Zazzle has created a second store with no name…. just a number. Please tell me that there is an easy way to get all of my hard work into my store. Thanks.

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