Help us FREE ELKA! Betty White shirts on Zazzle!


If you haven’t heard, Betty White is a rock star!  She plays a new character on TV Land’s original hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” named Elka Ostrovsky.  On the  season finale, Elka gets booked into custody after the cops discover a hidden stash of valuables in her storm cellar.  Elka’s dead husband was a fence for the Cleveland mob and she’s been holding the items for years.  Now the audience must wait until next season to find out what will happen to poor Elka – and you can help support her.

The Free Elka collection features Elka’s mug shot – and, yes, there is a mug shot on a mug. The merchandise, from T-shirts and bags to mouse pads and bumber stickers, can be purchased ONLY ON ZAZZLE!

3 Responses to “Help us FREE ELKA! Betty White shirts on Zazzle!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Yeah! I love Betty White.

  2. Laura Khan Says:

    I love Betty White!!

  3. TeeZazzle Says:

    FYI…when you click on the link it takes you to the store but there are NO products in the store. Have all the products been removed?

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