Seller Wednesday – Upcoming Themes


Politics is a theme that always does well for sales; remember in ’08 when McCain, Palin, Clinton, and Obama merchandise was selling like hotcakes?  This season is no different! See below for a rundown of the candidates you might want to start designing pro/anti products for – no election is too small for a few bumper sticker, t-shirt or hat designs.

Nevada Senate – Harry Reid v Sharron Angle

Harry Reid for Senate T-ShirtSharron Angle Waving Flag T-Shirt

California Governor – Jerry Brown v Meg Whitman

California Needs Jerry Brown T-Shirt Meg Whitman for Governor

Ohio Senate – Lee Fisher v Rob Portman

Vote For Fisher T-ShirtOhio 2010 Election Rob Portman Senate T-Shirt

Florida Senate – Charlie Crist v Jeff Greene v Kendrick Meek v Marco Rubio

Crist 2010 T-ShirtGreene for Senate T-Shirt

Kendrick Meek for Senate T-ShirtMarco Rubio T-Shirt

Illinois Senate – Alexi Giannoulias v Mark Kirk

Alexi Giannoulias for Senate T-ShirtKirk Senate T-Shirt

California Senate – Barbara Boxer v Carly Fiorina

Re-Elect Senator Barbara Boxer T-ShirtCarly Fiorina 2010 T-Shirt

Florida Governor – Alex Sink v Rick Scott v Bill McCollum

Bill McCollum for Governor 2010 T-Shirt

Ohio Governor – Ted Strickland v John Kasich

Christians for Strickland T-ShirtKasich for Governor T-Shirt

If you have any political products you’d like to share, link to them in the comments below, or share them on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.

6 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Upcoming Themes”

  1. sillyfrogsusan Says:

    Great ideas folks!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Ain’t politics the most fun!. I’m in Australia and we had our election last weekend. Most boring campaign ever. Now we are waiting for three independant mps to decide the fate of our hung pariliament. OMG!. At least it keeps the journo’s busy. Mine isn’t a political site but I have a couple on for our Australian elections.

  3. Kate Says:

    Here’s one of my personal favorites from my Crazy Old Lady of Peace shop.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Great idea and contributors always come up with some interesting slogans! :-)

  5. Nu Mil 3 Design Says:

    You are what you eat:
    -an anti-Sarah Palin T-shirt (TBA winner) featuring Sarah’s “hand prompter grocery list” at: .

    -view the same design on several styles of Tees for men, women and kids at:*/gifts?cg=196544397812739519

  6. Cutencomfy Says:

    Hello! I have several products relating to the 2010 elections. Please see a selection below or visit our shop for a greater selection at

    Kasich, Ohio Governor 2010 Elections

    Scott, Florida Governor 2010 Elections

    Sink, Florida Governor 2010 Elections

    Boxer, California Senate 2010 Elections

    Fiorina, California Senate 2010 Elections

    Kirk, Illinois Senate 2010 Elections

    Giannoulias, Illinois Senate 2010 Elections

    Meek, Florida Senate 2010 Elections

    Rubio, Florida Senate 2010 Elections

    Crist, Florida Senate 2010 Elections

    Portman, Ohio Senate 2010 Elections

    Fisher, Ohio Senate 2010 Elections

    Brown, California Governor 2010 Elections

    Whitman, California Governor 2010 Elections

    Angle, Nevada Senate 2010 Elections

    Reid, Nevada Senate 2010 Elections

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