Improvements for Sellers


Last week we made a couple small changes based on feedback we heard from our Sellers.

New Sku Filter

Let’s start with the new feature first.  Last year we added the ability for Sellers to control the styles on which their designs can appear – only on sustainable fabric t-shirts, for example.  Due to popular demand, we added an additional sku filter for T-shirts.  You can now limit to “The current style only”.  This will allow you, the seller, to limit to a single style but let all colors of that style be selectable by buyers.  When you post new t-shirts for sale you can choose this, and it can also be applied to existing shirts by editing them in My Account – Public Products.

New Sku Filter

The current style only sku filter

Post for Sale Link

A few weeks ago we updated the Design Tool to better match the Product Page and to make it easier for customers to purchase.  As part of this redesign we turned the  Post For Sale button into a link to decrease its visibility and reduce confusion for buyers.  Apparently, we may have decreased its visibility too much and some sellers had trouble locating it.  We heard your feedback, and we have now relocated and made it red so it stands out more.  We think this is a good compromise between decreasing the confusion for buyers and making it visible enough for sellers.

Post for Sale Link

New red Post For Sale Link

We hope you enjoy these changes.  Anything else we can do for you?

16 Responses to “Improvements for Sellers”

  1. Carla Rolfe Says:

    Well since you asked, sure…

    You can feature my shop on the front page for a week or 3. :) (you did ask)

    Other than that, the changes are good ones. I love zazzle!

  2. First Night Design Says:

    I can see the advantages of these changes but oh boy, I do wish you would bring back the icons to click on for centering. The new system requires more work for the fingers and slows you down.

  3. mimi Says:

    i love the new changes! something else you could vamp up is the Customise it button, this needs to stand out more! and maybe say “customise this product”

  4. Lois Bryan Says:

    Don’t know about anybody else, but in my house we use note pads all the time .. you know the kinds that are sort of glued up at the top, are sort of rectangluar and usually come lined??? They’re great for leaving messages, writing to do lists and for the all important grocery lists. Wouldn’t it be GREAt if we could design these and offer them through Zazzle too??????? WHEEEE!!! I bet we’d sell a bunch!!!! Let’s do it!!! Pretty please???

  5. Two Purring Cats Nature Clothing & Gifts Says:

    Highlighting the “Add to Cart” is a smart move, anything to simplify the work for the buyer. It would be also great if you could make customizing greeting cards and other products easier, because that can be a bit confusing for the on-the-go customer who wants to finish quickly and go. Have customization highlighted and simplified for them so there’s no question where to go to do this, thank you.

  6. Two Purring Cats Nature Clothing & Gifts Says:

    Customization does need to be easier for the customers. Yes, highlight the button like the “Add to Cart” one so people know quickly and easily how to customize their card or other item.

  7. Kerrie Rusk Says:

    I like these changes too! But I do agree with First Night Design. I used the centering buttons all the time and found it cumbersome to keep opening the menu for those.

  8. Grace Says:

    I wish my descriptive info and additional pictures that I add could be closer to the product, instead of tucked under Zazzle’s product info.

  9. TeamHomo Says:

    We’d love to offer coasters, CDs, index cards, notebooks or any other items people buy at big chain stores but wish they could customize.

    Also, any chance of offering warm-up jackets or zippered hoodies? More of a sports line outside of tees and tanks.

  10. a:wame | design Says:

    Improvements never stop! That’s cool!

  11. Mary McAndrew Says:

    I would love to see square format note cards and greeting cards. So many designs fit on a square format, many artists offer them at gift shops. I also agree with the vertical and horizontal movements tabs…extra steps = lost time.
    Can you invent a text warp to fit round stickers? Just thought I’d ask!

  12. creative_hack Says:

    I have a couple of requests
    The text options are pretty cool and there are plenty of fonts but I would love more control over the size, shape and orientation of the text added.
    The ability to resize the text without having to maintain the aspect ratio (Taller oly for example), also, to be able to rotate text (or images) by any degree range (rather then 90 degree increments) Someone already mentioned warping text, I second that.

    The other thing I would like to see is the ability to assign products to multiple areas of the shop to give shoppers greater filtering options rather than having to decide which section a product belongs to and hope that buyers know where to look. Can then set up a department for Kidswear but also include broader product ranges, 1 product might then be found in both folders

  13. Mary McAndrew Says:

    I thought of something else, we used to be able to see what the Text or font type was just by visiting a product page and looking (weather it was ours or someone else’s) I used this a lot to learn what font would be neat to try. NOW we have to click the tiny “f” for fonts just to see what it is. Too much work!

    I doubt this is possible but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to create shapes, especially rectangles, that are translucent so you can put text on top and let a little of your photo show through? Probably just have to create a solid shape in photoshop or Photoplus. Just a thought.

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