New Zazzle Product – Custom Labels!

custom labels from Zazzle

Remember, just a few weeks ago, I was talking about the total mailing package with the addition of custom envelopes to Zazzle? Well consider this the bonus to that package! We’re very pleased to introduce custom labels – now available on Zazzle!

In continued partnership with Avery (we started with custom binders), we now have three unique label types: custom return address labels, custom address labels, and custom shipping labels. These labels are perfect for any mailing and can be completely customized with your designs, text, and images. On top of that, these label sheets work exactly like the label sheets you’ve come to know and love from Avery. That means you can write on them or run them through your home inkjet printer to add additional information. So now you can design, print, and order your favorite Avery labels online in minutes and have them produced in 24 hours through the power of Zazzle and Avery! Learn more about the newest product here.

Browse some of 9,000+ labels already created by Zazzle Sellers, or start creating your own custom labels now!

Of course, these versatile custom labels are great for mailing, but there are MANY different ways to use each style. Some other great uses for labels:

Kitchen Labels

Gift Tag Labels

Wedding RSVP Labels

CD Labels

Baby Shower Labels

Monogrammed Labels

5 Responses to “New Zazzle Product – Custom Labels!”

  1. Laura Khan Says:

    Great idea!!

  2. a:wame | design Says:

    That’s gonna be perfect for Xmas!

  3. Krystal Says:

    Great idea, however what are the dimensions on them? I want an easier time making them!

  4. Krystal Says:

    Nevermind, found the dimensions on your site – Thanks!!

  5. LaToya Says:

    What about product labels? I’m interested in product labels for a small business I am starting

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