Artists Use Zazzle To Help Migrating Birds


Great Blue Heron by Jane Freeman T-Shirt

As winter is approaching the northern hemisphere, many birds are getting ready to set off for their yearly migration south.  This year, it’s worrisome for many bird lovers near the gulf coast, as 12 species of Minnesota waterfowl (who winter along the Gulf of Mexico) could possibly be hurt due to oil-contaminated marshes and coastlines.

Organized by Jane Freeman and Paul Jackson, around 100 nationally and internationally known artist have joined together and created the Art v Oil Spill Zazzle store where 100% of all the royalties goes to the Wildlife Rehabilitation & Nature Preservation Society - a non-profit that trains wildlife rescue personnel on how to clean oiled birds.

Be sure to check out their Zazzle store, Artvsoilspill and help save the wildlife that call the gulf their home.

Fowl Language Oil Disaster Art MugHeron by Carol Carter PostageFrog by Steve Nisbet Postcard

Sea Turtle by Billie Crain BagGreat Blue Heron by Terry Honstead Great Blue MousepadSea Pelican SOS by Vernita B Hoyt T-Shirt

One Response to “Artists Use Zazzle To Help Migrating Birds”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    What a wonderful thing to do. . Cheryl

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