Sweet Responses from Happy Customers


This is why we love what we do!

Dear Zazzle,

So I was searching up on the computer pig key chains, because pigs are my favorite animals! It brought me to ur website and I started freaking out I fell in love with ur key chains especially the pig ones and peace ones!

These are some of my favorites!

Cuddly Cartoon Pig,


Piggy Geek,

Oink Means I love you,

Pink Piggy

Peace, Love, and Piggies

Peace by hmccowan

Peace, love, stop domestic violence,

Peace, love, music,

Peace, love, recycle,

& Peace Sign Collage.

These are a couple…. If I put all of them u would be reading a novel! Haha!

Well anyways thank you for reading my letter and I would love to hear a response!

P.S. I love your key chains!


Chay your key chain fan!

22 Responses to “Sweet Responses from Happy Customers”

  1. Pop Art Diva Says:

    How sweet is that? If I were you guys I’d frame that one up and hang it where everyone can see it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, it put a huge smile on my face today!

  2. Rick Seymour Says:

    Aw that is a gorgeous letter and just shows how the power of a design can change someones world

  3. Jerry Says:

    I’ve got pigs Chay! lol Very cool customer.

  4. Sandi Says:

    This little piggy loves piggies
    This little piggy loves peace
    This little Piggy loves key chains
    This little piggy had none
    This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to Zazzle and bought some and had them shipped all the way home!

    That was a wonderful letter Chay!

  5. Wen Says:

    Lovely and sweet letter — what a wonderful expression of joy and thanks!

  6. Cherie Says:

    What a doll, thatz so cool!

  7. T DOODLEZ Says:

    cute letter!

    i love pink piggys! http://www.zazzle.com/pink_piggy_keychain-146684667788481092 where’s the pig? http://www.zazzle.com/tdoodlez/gifts?cg=196859825948871649

  8. Evart1 Says:

    Aww, that’s a cute letter. Very cool!

  9. Jasmine Ward Says:

    That is precious. I hope she got her response!

  10. Elenaind Says:

    That is a gorgeous letter ! Love it :)

  11. chay carter Says:

    O my gosh! You put my letter on you blog you just made my month! Thank you so much everyone for saying such nice thing to me! You guys are amazing! Im never going to forget this! Thank you! thanks you! thank you! :D <3 Hehehe and i am a very big pig lover! So thank you for the key chains!

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