Seller Wednesday Q&A Today!


Have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask?  This week for Seller Wednesday we’re opening up the floor to questions you may have, so leave any questions you have in the comments below and we’ll start answering your questions at 2pm PT today.

Questions are now closed!

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions this time! We look forward to doing this again for another Seller Wednesday sometime in the near future!

35 Responses to “Seller Wednesday Q&A Today!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Any ETA on when we will be getting some new fonts?

  2. Markix Says:

    Do you have any plans to improve your methods of promoting some of the more clever and talented artists on Zazzle?

  3. Melissa Robinson Says:

    Hi there,

    I have two questions:

    1. What dictates the order in which items are shown when folks search within zazzle? I have been searching for neat art things to feature in my Zazzle art blog – – and I keep having to slog through many pages of stuff that is just type fonts of goofy saying and photos of puppies and things that seam to have no relationship to my actual search terms. Many of these items have no stars or comments, so I cannot figure out why they are coming up right away under inappropriate search criteria. I know there is TONS of great art on zazzle! Why doesn’t some of the beautiful art that has tons of five star ratings and lots of comments come up first? Thank you for helping me understand. :)

    2. Would it ever be possible for you to put the product name before our item titles when you display thumbnail images? As it works now, when I send folks to view the zazzle products available featuring a given painting, they land on a page like this…*/riding+recital+gifts And some folks have trouble understanding why there are so many thumbnails that look alike. They cannot tell the card from the postcard from the poster. I think folks would have an easier time viewing what they want and maybe completing a purchase if the titles were always preceded by the name of the product. What do you think?

    Thanks for letting us ask stuff. :)

    Melissa Robinson

    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      1. We have a search algorithm that bases results on views, sales, and relevancy. We’re constantly working on new ways to improve search results.

      2. Great suggestion, however product titles are designed for searchability. Most people would search “Funny T-Shirts” and not “T-Shirts Funny”. We’ll forward your thumbnail feedback to the product team for review – thanks!

      • Zaz.Nu Says:

        Related to 1>
        Could you ask the Feed Team to replicate the MarketPlace listings when doing a QS (Query String) Feed Request, it currently does not follow the marketplace search algorithms.
        is not equal to

      • Melissa Robinson Says:

        Hi Jes,

        Related to 2: Thank you for responding. :) I totally get the thing about search terms and results. And I agree the product name should not be added to the product title. But I was thinking there might be a way to DISPLAY the product name whenever a thumbnail is displayed without actually adding the product name to the title. I am not sure if that makes sense? But I was thinking any time a mug thumbnail is displayed, it says, Mug: and then the product title. I guess mug is not as necessary as Postcard and Poster and such, but product identifiers would definitely help people who follow my links into my Zazzle shop to see a particular painting. Many of those folks are new to Zazzle and find the sea of similar looking thumbnails confusing.

  4. mhea Says:

    Id love to be able to add one product to several categories. Are there any plans on implementing this?

  5. Elenne Says:

    I have been networking like crazy on all kinds of site about my work on
    How can I get more sales ? I have a lot of people daily looking at my store but only a few sales.
    What are the # 1 networking sites one can sign up for to let people know about my work ?
    I need money, I’m unemployed and trying not to go on welfare. My sales was up for a moment, but now I get 2 to 3 sales a week and sometimes none.
    Elenne Boothe

  6. Brad Webb Says:

    Will Zazzle ever sell license plate frames or license plates? I sell a ton of frames at the competitiion and there are a lot of states out there that let you put license plates on your car. Thanks!

  7. Pop Art Diva Says:

    I know you already allow us to move an individual product page, but are you thinking of allowing moving entire sections? As I add images I realize I could have theme or series sections and move several designs into one parent section.

    Also, what about copying sections and adding them to other sections? This was a feature of one other POD (who shall remain nameless) and it was very convenient and a great time saver.

    I’d also love to see you start to make tiles/coasters!!

    Thanks so much :)

  8. Ryan Bliss Says:

    Will we ever be able to simply offer our images, perhaps as templates, and then allow users to create their own products? I think I would get a lot of sales that way without having to create hundreds of products myself.

  9. missprinteditions Says:

    Is there any chance that Zazzle would review the decision to move forward with the new e-mail format as it stands? Many of us are unhappy about the huge, slangy headline as well as the very large size and the unrelated (sometimes extremely inappropriate in relation to the message being sent) searches appearing at the end. Please, won’t you reconsider? Thanks for this opportunity to comment.

    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      Thanks missprinteditions for your suggestion, we’ll be sure to forward it onto the Email team!

  10. Polo Pony Design Says:

    How important is chosing a public category for a product? Is it used in the market-place search at all?

    My understanding is that all of the searches use tags to filter the products and I can’t even find a way to browse by category.

    Part two of this question (also about the search function) – How are titles used in the MP search? It seems that many searches will turn up odd items which have the keywords in the tags but not in the title.

    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      Public categories are very important for customer product discovery and recommendations. Titles are an integral part of the search algorithm and for SEO.

  11. Scott Hovind Says:

    I see that out of the million people on Zazzle you frequently feature the same people over and over and over with a “today’s best award”. Quite often your choices leave most of us scratching our heads. Could you please tell all of us by what method you choose your TBA’s and why you don’t often dig past the same people to find someone or something new?

    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      Our hardworking merchandising team is constantly scouring the site for new content for TBA’s, landing pages, and more. If you have suggestions of content to be featured please send them to

  12. Susan Marsh Says:

    Can we please have an option to format the emails before sending them? The new format doesn’t work in any of my blogs well. What was the deciding factor in altering the format? I never heard any complaints about it…….

  13. Zaz.Nu Says:

    Are there any plans to expand the API to include (for example) access to Zazzle Products?
    For example:- get.Products(PRODUCTID)
    returning an array with
    Zazzle Store Keeper

  14. Susan Marsh Says:

    Got another one……is there an easy way to find a shopkeeper in the MP? Could we maybe get a “search for shopkeeper”? Sometimes the shopkeepers’ ID isn’t their store name, and most people don’t put their shops in their tags…….

  15. Susan Marsh Says:

    On the labels, is the dotted line (warning area) based off Avery’s own templates or is that zazzle’s template? I know Avery’s is a bit wide to allow for inkjet printer shifts….seems awfully big for a printing process?

  16. Susan Marsh Says:

    Last question from me :)

    Is there a place where maintenance warnings are posted ? I’ve seen a few in the forum but have also run up against issues due to maintenance at times not posted…..some sort of note would be nice :)

  17. BETH DUNN Says:

    Would it ever be possible for us to acquire our own zazzle email format, so we, as shopkeepers, can send out mass newsletters & personalized “Thank-you” emails to our fans & customers from our stores on Zazzle, not on personal sites or blogs?

    Also, one last question, for those of us who were very “green” to Zazzle, upon sign-up, we used user-names/handles as we would on any other site, not knowing this would be our store name. Is it possible, in our personal account profiles, to change our store name so that searches can come up as our store name instead of our ID?

    For instance, I signed up with Zazzle on my first store as “bd5178,” however, my store name is “OOPSY”

    I did learn with my other stores to name the store on my user-name, so there are no issues, only with this first store.

    Appreciate all of your help, your support and most of all THANK YOU ZAZZLE for allowing us to participate in this great business, allowing us to profit as well!

  18. Nu Mil 3 Design Says:

    When we place products in a sub-category (or, a “child” category) in our stores, the products are automatically are placed in all higher categories (or, “parent” categories).
    This can sometimes create a massive, unruly mess to organise. I would suggest that products should only be available in the lowest sub-category or “child” category we select, with options for placement in higher “parent” categories as we see fit.

  19. Nu Mil 3 Design Says:

    My inquiry involves Google Adwords advertising.

    Most of my preferred keywords for Adwords ads elicit a notice saying that they share a URL with another advertiser, which I assume is (or, maybe there are also other Zazzlers). Only one of the advertisers sharing the URL will have an ad shown for each separate Google search. I’m guessing that Google doesn’t want one domain dominating all the search results, which I understand. But that puts me and other Zazzle storefronts at a severe economic disadvantage.

    Zazzle and all the Zazzle storefronts do share some resources, but we aren’t the same artistic or economic or business entity. This is analogous to the Yellow Pages phone book denying many doctors the ability to advertise in the Yellow Pages because they share resources in a medical clinical with one doctor who already advertises in the Yellow Pages.

    I’m suggesting that Zazzle and Google put their extraodinary brainpower and savvy together and figure out a way so that 1.), or Nu Mil 3 Design, doesn’t dominate the ad placement on Google searches, and 2.) there’s a level playing field and equal for all advertisers.

    I KNOW Zazzle and Google can figure this out. Respectfully.

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