Meg Whitman and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tour Zazzle!


California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg toured our production facility in San Jose today! Both stopped by to recognize the power of Zazzle’s business model and our commitment to growing in California. This was the first time Mayor Bloomberg visited our company, and he said that “Zazzle is a great example of the kind of innovative companies that thrive during the national recession.” Of course, this wasn’t the first visit to Zazzle for Meg; she visited Zazzle in 2005 when she was still CEO of eBay, and when Zazzle was just a tad bit smaller. She was thoroughly impressed with Zazzle’s growth since then and had this to say, “[Zazzle is] going to be one of the next great Silicon Valley success stories!” Thanks Meg and thanks Michael!

Other great photos from Yahoo

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11 Responses to “Meg Whitman and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tour Zazzle!”

  1. Pop Art Diva Says:

    Hope it’s all over the news tonight!! Congrats!

  2. Rosandich Cartoon Gifts Says:

    Pretty cool….good to see this….I have several Zazzle stores running and this ought to give greater visibility & notoriety to what Zazzle is doing and is all about. Congrats to Zazzle!
    Dan Rosandich

  3. Swisstoons Says:

    I hope for Zazzle’s sake and the sake of all Z contributors that Meg prevails on 2 November.

  4. Evart1 Says:

    That is special. Awesome! Congratulations Zazzle!

  5. Deb Says:

    That was gr8! Congrats to Zazzle!

  6. Renee Rivas Says:

    Very cool!

  7. Lilly Fluger Says:

    Zazzle, I just love watching all your success! You are awesome beyond and have exceeded all my expectations!
    And you are such a fun company, I love that. Congrats!

  8. DeAnne L. Robinson Says:

    I didnt get to see the story on Meg Whitmans’ visit on the channel 7 news the other day…Congrats to on the 2nd Meg Whitman visit-great article! I love!

  9. Michael Harrison Says:

    This is awesome. That is my New York shirt mayor Bloomberg is holding. I didnt even see this, a friend showed me. Keep up the good work Zazzle!

  10. Sketchee Says:

    Cool that your shirt was shown in the pictures. Patrick, maybe you can caption the photos with links to the stores of these products

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