800 Binders and Counting – Zazzle and Avery Donate to Afterschool College Prep Program


One thing we love about partnerships is the shared values of doing something good, giving back. Thanks to our partnership with Avery, we were able to donate binders to College Track (an after school college prep program with the goal of 100% college enrollment for all students that participate). We’re very proud to do our little bit in helping these students go to college. See below for pictures from the first batch of college prep binders delivered to the College Track program. The binders were designed by Zazzle staffer Andy (Artsprojekt).

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6 Responses to “800 Binders and Counting – Zazzle and Avery Donate to Afterschool College Prep Program”

  1. Cutencomfy Says:

    Very cool to see Zazzle and Avery giving back! I’m sure the kids really appreciate it, it would have been neat to have a personalized binder like that back in high school.

  2. Elenne Says:

    I Think it is so great that the donation of the Avery binders was given to the after school college prop program. Keep up the amazing work and keep on touching lives.

  3. D-Digital Says:

    Those binders are nice!

  4. Elaine Biss Says:

    Amazing campaign! What a wonderful way to give back!

  5. Reflekshins Says:

    Very Cool Zazzle and Avery !

  6. Dorothy Says:

    WONDERFUL!!!! & Congratulations on giving back to the community.

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