Seller Wedn – Wait, what do you mean it’s Thursday? Contest Time!


Seller Wednesday came and went without a post (I blame the Wrackspurts). To make up for our Seller Wed.. er Thursday, we’re going to have a quick little design contest!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s coming up on the time when people are sending out Holiday Cards and Holiday Party Invitations.  With that in mind, our contest is going to be centered on Holiday Cards/Invitations.  We have 5 categories, and 3 product types – which means FIFTEEN sellers have the chance to win!

The categories are:

-          Hanukah Party Invitations

-          Kwanzaa

-          New Year’s Party Invitations

-         Holiday Office Party Invitations

-          First Christmas

Within each category we’re looking for 3 product types, Greeting Cards, Photo Cards, and Invitations. In other words, for Kwanzaa there will be a Greeting Card winner, a Photo Card winner, and an Invitations winner.

*note* Each seller may enter as many times as he or she likes for each category, but each seller may only win once overall regardless of the number of categories they enter in.

And what is the fabulous prize, you ask?

Next Seller Wednesday the winners will be featured in our next Holiday Prep blog, featured in our new holiday cards section, AND each winner will receive a Give Zazzle T-Shirt!

To enter, tag your product with the appropriate category entry tag.

ZAZZLEHANUKAHPARTY – to enter for Hanukah Party Invitations

ZAZZLEKWANZAA – to enter for Kwanzaa

ZAZZLENEWYEARSPARTY – to enter for New Year’s Party Invitations

ZAZZLEOFFICEPARTY – to enter for Office Party Invitations

ZAZZLEFIRSTCHRISTMAS – to enter for First Christmas

All entries must be submitted by 12pm PT on Tuesday, November 2nd in order to be eligible. **update – deadline extended to 12pm PT Tuesday, November 9th **

Happy creating!

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12 Responses to “Seller Wedn – Wait, what do you mean it’s Thursday? Contest Time!”

  1. Ruth J Jamieson Says:

    Awesome! First time I’ve seen the contest posts… ;D

  2. Carolyn Marshall Says:

    If we already have a card we want to submit, do we just edit the keywords to add the category and then save? Will that automatically publish to the contest? Also, is this going to be voted on by the general public, or will Zazzle admins vote? Thanks!

  3. LivingLife Says:

    Not sure if this went through the first time, so please forgive if duplication.

    If we already have a card we want to enter, do we just edit the tags to add the appropriate category and it will automatically be entered into the contest? Or do we have to customize it as a new product? Will the general public be judging on this or is it going to be done by Zazzle Admin? If public, where will we find the entries to vote? Thanks, sounds like fun!

  4. No.59 Says:

    Cool, Jes! I love Zazzle contests!

    – Beachwalker

  5. valerie Says:

    where do we send are submits too?

    New Years Eve Party

    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      If you want to add your invitation to the holiday cards contest, you should tag it with ZAZZLENEWYEARSPARTY in order to enter.

      Cheers -Jes

  6. LivingLife Says:

    Just added two. Where do we see them or vote for them if we can?

  7. Nicole Says:

    Lovely graphics and gallery! :-)

  8. LivingLife Says:

    Wasn’t sure if just adding the tag was enough, so I’m posting them here, too, just in case. These are my submissions:



    Same image except message is different and one is a postcard and one a greeting card.

  9. Misty Says:

    Stupid question – Are their different tags for each type of card in each category??

    e.g. ZAZZLEHANUKAHPARTY – to enter for Hanukah Party Invitations

    What’re the tags for Hanukah Greeting Cards and Hanukah Photo Cards and so on for the other holidays..


    • Jes, Zazzle Community Producer Says:

      ZAZZLEHANUKAHPARTY would be the tag you use for all Hanukah themed card products you want to submit.

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