Coming Soon – Custom iPhone Cases and Custom iPad Cases


Get ready…custom cases are coming! I’m pleased to announce that starting November 15th we’ll be offering custom iPad and iPhone cases on Zazzle! Soon you’ll be able to create a case for your favorite Apple products with your art, text, and photos (maybe a custom case to match your custom t-shirt?). Of course these products will also be available to Sellers to create a marketplace full of great designs just in time for the holiday rush (download design templates for the iPhone). Learn more about the upcoming Custom Cases product launch on the iPhone cases page.

Sellers, what designs are you planning to make? Which do you think is going to be more popular this holiday season, the iPad cases or iPhone cases?

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25 Responses to “Coming Soon – Custom iPhone Cases and Custom iPad Cases”

  1. Jerry Says:

    This is the most awesome thing ever. Zazzle rocks totally! wOoT

  2. L.E. Green Says:

    I don’t even like iPod products and I still find this to be very cool. Keep the product options coming!

  3. Two Purring Cats Nature Clothing & Gifts Says:

    I bet the iPhone will be more popular since I imagine more people have those..but iPad cases are awesome too! (I want an iPad so bad! :)

  4. Diane Says:

    Very very cool… any plans to introduce cases for other phones? Would love to order a custom case for my HTC EVO.

  5. asrjavan Says:


  6. Brad Webb Says:

    Will the cases be automatically added to our existing stores?

  7. Rachel Says:

    I second the awesomeness !

  8. Jaejean Says:

    i can’t wait!!!!!! I don’t have to worry about Christmas gifts this year!

  9. Wen Says:

    Brilliant news! :D

  10. Mike Says:

    These will absolutely be *the* gift of the 2010 Christmas season. Like Elmo, only cooler.

  11. Mike Says:

    I want the one with the GB’s

  12. Kat Massard Says:

    Yay!!! These will be hugely popular – was hoping these were in zazzle’s new products plan. Can’t wait to get started on them ;D

  13. sandygrafik Says:

    Wonderful idea!! These look so cool!!

  14. Elenne Boothe Says:

    I have a Ipod Touch, without the camera so will they make cases for that type ?
    I am looking so forward to making designs for the cases. Go Zazzle :-)))

  15. Martin Says:

    That`s really the awesome of the awesome!!!

  16. Cherie Says:

    OH JOY!!

  17. Aline Says:

    Are they going to be hard to create? I am having a hard time with the envelopes, but I love the idea of the cases.

  18. jamlanddesigns Says:

    This is great! Now ppl wont have to sit and wait to be accepted to design on Artsprojekts iphone cases. So long suckers! And yeah! Why its so hard to add design on envelopes?

  19. Nicole Says:

    Very cool!

  20. Stan Feldman Says:

    They should be hugely popular !

  21. Sylinden Says:

    About time! I can’t wait to start designing for these items! And just in time for Christmas! Well Done!

  22. a:wame | design Says:

    Oooooooooooooooh! Yes! That’s pretty cool. Can’t wait…

  23. Giskard Says:

    Where are the templates for theiPhone? I clicked the link but it took me to the iphone cases page… no templates there :(

  24. EnduringMoments Says:

    Giskard: The links for the templates are just above the base iphone 3, iphone 4 and ipad images (white) at the bottom.

    This is awesome. I already started designing for two stores!!! They definitely need to get the ipod cases going too!

    Zazzle Rocks! Great wishes to all for a profitable Winter Season!

    Marti –

  25. ClassiCover Says:

    Thanks Zazzle for a great 2010! Looking forward to great things from Zazzle in 2011!

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