They’re here! Custom iPhone and iPad Cases!


Just a few weeks ago we announced our partnership with premiere case manufacturer Speck to create the highest quality customizable cases for iPads and iPhones on the planet. Thanks to Zazzle’s WORLD CLASS Engineering Team for pumping out this product so quickly, we’re very excited to let you know that custom iPhone and custom iPad cases are LIVE! These hard-shell fitted cases come in two pieces and feature easy-to-grip fabric backing that will brilliantly display any artwork, photos, or designs. Check out some of the 30,000+ case designs already in the marketplace or customize a custom iPad case or custom iPhone case today!

What do you think of these cases as holiday gifts? What designs do you like the best? Share in the comments!

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10 Responses to “They’re here! Custom iPhone and iPad Cases!”

  1. Zaz.Nu Says:

    Is the product ID code 176?
    Is this for BOTH iPad AND iPhone cases?
    Is this live… can we start using???

    Well WELL done!!! Perfect timing too!!!

  2. Kaniki Says:

    Love it- but what about the iPod Touch??? That would be handy- as a lot of kids have these too!! Just an idea from someone that doesn’t own ipones or ipads and most likely won’t… But they would be kewl to protect the touch’s as well… All part of the ipod family :)

  3. Kat Says:

    WOW I am so happy that they are here just in time for Christmas… I really like the Iphone case with the name (Rebecca)…looks classy! And I love the cow for the Ipad…so funny!

    Mercy me, I better get designing, will be so much fun : ) The sky is the limit for so many designs!

  4. tesha aka the cute institute Says:

    cool! just to let you know, when i click on SEE ON 3 STYLES..
    There’s an error with the Ipad speck case: the artwork is all stretched out..

  5. Gilford Says:

    This is great.
    If the introduction to these products will be as successful as I think it they will be, I hope zazzle and speck also team up to offer cases for e-readers.

  6. Franco Brambilla Says:

    They are so cool! A fantastic idea! I just could’nt stop making them… the cases match greatly with my illustrations, I had fun producing them, have a look in my zazzle. Best


  7. eyefish productions Says:

    I love the new cases. They look absolutely fabulous. I am about to add some to the store.

  8. Elenne Says:

    I am so happy about the iPad and iPhone covers. I have so many great design to add to them.

  9. Cherie Says:

    I like it a lot!

  10. Stuccoloco Says:

    I am happy to see these procucts roll out as they are highly requested-should do well!

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