Seller Wednesday – Speck Cases Close Up


It’s Seller Wednesday, and this week we’re taking a closer look at Zazzle’s newest customizable product, Speck brand iPhone and iPad Cases! These cases are sure to be a must-have for iGifting this holiday season, so start creating cases today!  Also, when posting cases for sale or promoting cases on your website, including some of the below info will help customers choose your case over the competition!

Let me start off by saying these cases are simply amazingly high quality.  They’re two piece fitted cases made of hard shell plastic.  They have a wonderful satin/matte finish that is smooth and pleasing to the touch.  On the back, the easy-to-grip fabric, is durable and look absolutely amazing when printed with your designs and artwork.  Another fabulous feature of these cases, it’s so easy to access all ports, controls, and sensors so you don’t have to remove the case in order to sync! Don’t take my word for it though- take a look at some close up photos of our cases and the fabric backing… you can almost feel how awesome these cases are.>

Share your favorite Zazzle cases that you’ve created, or one you’ve found in the marketplace that you love, in the comments below, on our Facebook wall, or on Twitter (be sure to use the hash #ZazzleCase so we can see the love).

18 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Speck Cases Close Up”

  1. Rozine Says:

    I love these Speck cases! They are so fun to design and who doesn’t love to accessorize!? It’s so exciting to see all the creativity spewing from artists when Zazzle announces new products.

  2. Funcards Says:

    I love ‘em too, thanks for adding them Zazzle! It’s so much fun to see all the different designs from everybody.

    This is one of my own

    and here’s one I found in the marketplace and think is so beautiful!

  3. Stuccoloco Says:

    Another great product for Zazzle to promote-great feedback from everyone who has seen them!

  4. B K Muir Says:

    Here is one of my iPad cases: click here

  5. Guy McDonald Says:

    Here is one I designed:

  6. Scott Says:

    Here’s my current fav: Great Wave

  7. BlayzeInk Says:

    Here’s one of my favorites:

  8. Zuicy_ Says:

    Love love love…..

    Love the cases. Love designing for them. Love the way they look…….

    Follow Your Art Case

  9. eyefish productions Says:

    They are all amazing.This one is funny

  10. nefera Says:

    hi all
    hey zazzle team , i so love these ipod and ipad cases :) nice products !!
    and nice designs posted already ! this will be a hit i think :)
    i would be glad to share a few of mines ,only a begining ;)
    i wish you all a nice day :)

    • arteology Says:

      thank you nefera for bringing this wonderful place to our attention, i love everything you have created so far on this new exciting product! much love the red crows

  11. mazarakes Says:

    The cases look great Zazzle and are a nice addition to our product line! Thanks for posting one that’s been printed so we can get a better look.

    Here are a few that I’ve made so far:

    deborah mazarakes art & design

  12. richardoz Says:

    Wonderful new products. Thank you. Unfortunately the blog panel we inserted on a different website is not showing cases or ornaments. Maybe there is a fix or one on the way.

    Cheers from Oz

  13. arteology Says:

    It is a fantastic new product and Im very excited by it, I have well over 20 zazzle stores and alot of them have samples posted at this point but for now will just send a couple of links to the arteology fine art store, please view if you like and enjoy.

  14. arteology Says:

    This is one of my commercial art areas of zazzle called redboy23 where other new designs for iphone cases can be seen.

  15. Whitewaves Says:

    I just put this iPad case up.

  16. Ron Says:

    Of course THOSE are my favorites! :)

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