Zazzle Designer Garage is Coming to New York!!



Calling all New York Area Artists and Zazzlers!  We will be hosting our next Zazzle Designer Garage at the Levi’s Photo Workshop in NYC on Thursday December 2nd from 7-9 PM!  

What is a Zazzle Designer Garage? Zazzle Designer Garages are an opportunity for artists and designers to learn the ins and outs of making money on the Zazzle platform and setting up a Zazzle store.

Here is how it works. You bring your laptop and some energy – we bring our experts and employees to provide hands-on assistance to guide you through the process. By the time you leave – you will have a professional-looking Zazzle store running and ready for your art!

We will have separate workshops for newbies who are just learning about Zazzle as well as a special tutorial for seasoned Zazzlers, featuring advanced promotional techniques including link building and SEO tips and tricks.

This is a great opportunity to meet other designers, artists, and people looking to sell on Zazzle and see what a vibrant and supportive community that we have. Plus, its FREE to you! Hope to see you all there!

SPACE IS LIMITED… so RSVP on the Facebook Event Page if you are attending!

7 Responses to “Zazzle Designer Garage is Coming to New York!!”

  1. Dynomoose Says:

    Sad for those not in New York or without laptops.

  2. LivingLife Says:

    Wooo-whoooo! You’re getting closer. LOL! Can’t WAIT until you get in the Tampa area.

  3. Animelovers411 Says:

    YAY!!! so excited thanks for the update!!

  4. Travel Photo Gifts Says:

    Hi, this sounds like a great event. Will you ever have a similar event in Michigan or anywhere in the midwest?

  5. B K Muir Says:

    I just saw this today – probably sent out notices to local Zazzlers?
    I am trying to generate an Events calendar for such events and would like to be included on all of your mailing lists.
    see POD Friends blog at

  6. Martha Says:

    Hey Zazzlers!
    Thanks to Rob and Andy for a wonderful night at the Zazzle Designer Garage! Tom and I had a blast and learned a lot. Keep up all the great work Zazzle! Back to designing for me…

  7. garage opener manuals Says:

    Oh too bad I won’t be able to see this. :(

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