A Zazzle Essay


My daughter really loves that I work for Zazzle and shows it in her third grade essay.

Zazzle Essay

17 Responses to “A Zazzle Essay”

  1. barbaralaketahoe Says:

    Now, this is the “Sweetest Thing” that I have seen in a very long time! How adorable his daughter is!! I would love to share this on my fb page.

  2. NowPower Says:

    Sounds like it’s time to tell your daughter the truth – You are a Super Hero !

    Watch out Moldy Mash here comes * T-MAN *

  3. Caroline Says:

    What a great imagination. Thank you for sharing this with your fellow Zazzlers.

  4. Jasmine Ward Says:

    That’s really cute, and very good advertising!

  5. Nique Says:

    Now THERE’S a t-shirt if I ever saw one… hehe…

  6. artladymanor Says:

    So cute! I love kids with a lot of imagination!

    My 6 yr old daughter loves to help me come up with designs to put in my zazzle shop. I’ve actually used some of her artwork too!
    A painting she did that I put on a mug. http://bit.ly/hQKSjv

  7. Ricky Buchanan Says:

    What a totally cool essay! Also, I am craving Zazzle Jeans now … I need some new jeans, it’d be totally cool if we could put embroidery designs on them :)


  8. Micki Says:

    There is nothing better than the feeling of knowing your kids are proud of you (and think you’re cool!) Congratulations, Daddy!

  9. Fun T-shirts Says:

    This is the absolute cutest! Now you have to make yourself a t-shirt that says “T-man” :)

  10. blessedwedding Says:

    awww this is so sweet! touched my <3

  11. barbaralaketahoe Says:

    I agree with “Fun T-shirts” comment above!

  12. artbyjehf Says:

    awesome! I’m a little frightened by the moldy mashed ‘tatoes but I’m sure T-man can conquer them! Ooh – there’s a t-shirt design in there somewhere.

  13. Lydia Says:

    Best. Hero. Ever.

  14. Custom Moments Says:

    I think you should open up a whole category in your shop dedicated to the ongoing adventures of T-man & moldy mashed potatoes. Get your daughter involved with the making of the characters, you already know she has a great imagination. Make it almost like an ongoinf comic strip. that you can update whenever you want. You could even use this pic of the essay as your thumbnail!! Run with the idea, you never know!! You can sell super hero T-man shirts, & poster, and even a super hero necklace that doubles as a secret weapon!! Tap into your daughters imagination ans have fun with it.
    The essay is truly awesome, kids really do look at the world differently. I love it..

  15. barbaralaketahoe Says:

    Great Idea Custom Moments!!

    Hey, T-Man bet you didn’t think you were going to get this big of a response! lolol….

  16. Mike T., Director of Product Management Says:

    The responses have been great!

  17. Rob Greenleaf Says:

    Im gonna start calling you T-man around the office!

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