Announcing the Winner of the iPad Case Design Contest


Congratulations to BeezKneez on winning the Zazzle iPad Case Design Contest! Here is the winning design…

This design recieved a whopping 642 votes and was selected by our panel of design judges as the winner.  Thanks to all who participated. We saw some amazing designs and can’t wait to see what you guys will create next in our upcoming contests.  Congratulations are also in order for our other four finalists:





10 Responses to “Announcing the Winner of the iPad Case Design Contest”

  1. barbaralaketahoe Says:*

    Congrats to all the winners!!
    I really like the “To Do List”

  2. Kate Tapley Says:

    They’re all very good. Have to admit that the To Do list is my favorite.

  3. María del Pilar González Espinosa Says:


  4. blessedwedding Says:

    Congrats to the winner and ll the finalists! you all did an awesome job!!!!!!!!!1<3

  5. Kelly Says:

    Congrats on to all of the winners!!!

  6. Liora Says:

    These are neat. I hope next time you’ll not base the winning design on external votes. It becomes a popularity contest (i.e. who has the most Facebook friends) as opposed to a contest of the best design. I would have liked to have entered in a design contest but did not because you based it on Facebook votes. From some of the previous comments, I’m definitely not alone in withholding participation because of this, so I hope you’ll run future contests based on private judges rather than public votes (and especially Facebook as many will not use Facebook due to privacy concerns). Thanks for thinking about this.

  7. Elenind Says:

    Many congrats to all the winners! :)

  8. Jasmine Ward Says:

    They are all fantastic! Congratulations everyone.

  9. Eva Says:

    BIG Congratulations to the winner and the finalists!!! They’re ALL fabulous!!! :D

  10. Ricaso Says:

    Congrats to the winner and all the finalists .. Rdwnggrls frosted ice is my favorite .. its unique and looks like my car windows did this morning .. plus shes an incredible designer

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