New Custom Keychain Styles!


Last night, late into a chilly pre-holiday evening, Zazzle Engineers worked magic to release two new keychain styles: premium round keychains and premium square keychains! These early Christmas presents (from Zazzle to you) come in two sizes (1.4” and 2.13” diameter) with zinc/white bronze plating and a heavy-duty keyring. They’re perfect for your photos, designs, or text. They look great as a gift (last day for Holiday express shipping!) that’s both beautiful and durable (UV and water resistant). Learn more about all our custom keychain styles.

As soon as these launched last night, Sellers started creating tons of new style keychains. Check out some of the amazing designs made in just the last few hours – it’s a real holiday treat!

Like This!

7 Responses to “New Custom Keychain Styles!”

  1. María del Pilar González Espinosa Says:

    Greeeeeat!!!!! Thanks a lot Zazzle team, Happy Holidays to all of you, greetings from Bogotá, Colombia ;)

  2. Mindy Says:

    beautiful – when are we going to get charm bracelets, watches and earrings?

  3. Jasmine Ward Says:

    They are lovely. It’s nice to finally have squared keychains! :)

  4. Nadira Says:


  5. Sandyspider Says:

    Oh no…this means I need to make new keychains :) Love the new look.

  6. Michelle Says:

    I love them! Thanks again, Zazzle!

  7. personalized buttons Says:

    niceness… if only i could incorporate the design into my watch so i could look at them every time…

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