Seller Wednesday – Valentine’s Day Prep


Two-Thousand Eleven will be here soon and before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here.  Now is the time to start thinking about getting your store ready for this holiday of love. Here are a few tips to get your store ready.

Think outside the box, and utilize Zazzle’s new products:  We released a lot of new products in 2010 that are perfect for the unconventional gifter:  iPhone/iPad Cases, Ornaments, Photo Jewelry, and Coasters.

Zazzle gifts for sweethearts: T-Shirts, mugs, cards, and postage stamps are always great sellers for Valentine’s Day.  Additional suggestions for boyfriend custom gifts include hats, ties, posters or even skateboards. As for girlfriend custom gifts, keychains, necklaces, binders, bags, aprons, or even stationery would be great.

Unexpected Proposals: Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a time of year when quite a few people get engaged, and you can use a Zazzle ornament to help pop the question.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples: Families often send each other Valentine’s Day cards, even gifts, so think about tweaking your designs to fit families as well (and don’t forget pet clothing for the 4 legged members of your family).

Anti-Valentine’s Day: Single people (or people who just don’t celebrate v-day) raise your hands! There have been a lot more Anti-Valentine’s Day parties cropping up, so Anti-Valentine’s Day invitations would be a great addition to your personal V-Day prep list.

Share your favorite Valentine’s Day products and prep tips in the comments section below! Happy 2011!

3 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Valentine’s Day Prep”

  1. faye Says:

    great suggestions for v day……..its good to get started early
    i myself love the sterling silver necklace though its a bit high in price

  2. Kate Says:

    I love the ANTI part of Valentine’s Day and it would be great to have a separate category in the Valentine’s sections separate from the cute and sweet designs. I think the two appeal to totally different markets so giving them each their own playground would make their respective customers (and designers) happy.

  3. Cherie Says:

    I’ve got an ANTI valentine’s day card in my shop! Been creating Valentine’s artwork for a couple of weeks now!

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