Behind the Scenes: The Show Off Your Backside Campaign


As you know, we launched custom iPhone cases and custom iPad cases with a fun message: Show off your backside. The Zazzle/Speck case empowers you to make a case with a custom back that is a true representation of yourself and your passion – and we want you to show it off! The campaign was a lot of fun for us to put together and hopefully for you as well.

To get it done, we employed local models and great case designs from the Zazzle community. The resulting graphics were used on Zazzle and plastered on posters throughout San Francisco. For those that are curious how it all came together (and to see the posters) check out the video below for an under-the-hood look at the “Show Off Your Backside” campaign.

Do you live in SF? Did you see the Zazzle posters?

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5 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: The Show Off Your Backside Campaign”

  1. thespottedolive Says:

    Love it!

  2. Cece Says:

    You would sell a billion more iPad cases if there was also a protective cover for the screen like the basic cover with the flip over. You guys must not be mac people!

  3. Deborah Mazarakes Art & Design Says:

    That’s for posting. Great campaign!

  4. mgdezigns Says:

    yay! go zazzle! super job!!!!!!!!

  5. Heidi Rand Says:

    I did see the posters! I work at the building at 7th and Mission, and saw the posters at 7th & Market. Too bad they were painted over pretty quickly.

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