Zazzle Premium Keychain Design Contest (onsite)


*** The Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced soon! ***

Start revving your engines… design engines that is!  Zazzle has a new line of Premium Keychains that we would love for you to design and show off.  We will be accepting designs for either the round or square Premium Keychains (1 entry per person, though) and the grand prize winner will be walking away with a $100 Zazzle Gift Certificate as well as a brand new Premium Keychain featuring their winning design!  Four honorable mentions will also receive $25 Zazzle Gift Certificates.  See below for prize information and the details on how to enter the Zazzle Premium Keychain Design Contest. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: You may only submit ONE entry for this contest and must by a US Resident. Anyone who submits multiple entries or is an international seller will be disqualified!!

Grand Prize = $100 Zazzle Gift Certificate + Premium Keychain with winning design

4 Honorable Mention Prizes = $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate

How to Enter the Premium Keychain Design Contest: We’ve heard what you have to say, and though we will continue to run contests through Facebook, we still want to include those sellers who do not wish to participate in Facebook activities… so we will be hosting this contest directly through Zazzle.

1.   Create a Zazzle Account (It’s free!)

2.  Create your Premium Keychains

3.  “Post for Sale” your Keychain with the tag zazzlekeychaincontest2011 in the Zazzle Marketplace (learn how to tag your product here)

4.  You’re done, good luck!

Create an Entry | View Entries

Contest entries must be received by February 1, 2011 at 5:00pm PT

Contest Rules:

  1. You may submit one entry for this contest.
  2. Entries must be received by February 1, 2011 at 5:00pm PT, to be eligible.
  3. Entries will be judged on uniqueness of design, overall creativity, and best use of the keychain space.
  4. Entering a contest is done by tagging your product with a specific contest related keyword (or “tag”). If you don’t know how to do this, please read the instructions here. You should also leave a comment under the contest announcement with a link to your product to give it more visibility.

Contest is for submissions by residents of the USA only. All other entrants will be excluded from the competition.

Read the Official Premium Keychain Contest Rules.

74 Responses to “Zazzle Premium Keychain Design Contest (onsite)”

  1. Janie Monares Says:

    I just entered mine. My son took a picture of me in my Irish dancing shoes and I did some photoshop work to it to make it colorful.

  2. Barbara Giordano Says:

    I entered my adoption inspired artwork keychain.

  3. jan4insight Says:

    Here’s my entry:

    It coordinated with my new Lily of the Valley BRIDAL collection, and it would make a wonderful gift or favor for the wedding party!

  4. Maureen Arnold Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Zazzle, for listening to us and making this new contest available to those of us who do not do Facebook. You all are awesome!!. I’ll be working on my entry for sure.

  5. Big1011Guy Says:

    Here is my entry for all those Treasure Hunters that use Metal Detectors to try and find their pot of gold.

  6. StriveDesigns Says:

    Added my entry today:

    Thank you for the onsite contest!

  7. Kristin Says:

    I’ve been doing cat rescue work for seven years and support adoption first, thus my keychain design:

  8. Dan Says:

    Great! I love these contests, Here’s my entry, good luck everyone!

  9. Chris Says:

  10. Hooyah Says:

    We have a proliferation of ladies at work who are always sending out e-mails about losing their keys.I thought the time has come to solve that dilemma with a good samaritan.

  11. MacJoccin Says:


  12. Tara Says:

    I love to create Fairies and Mermaids!! Hope you enjoy it! Thank you Zazzle for this fun contest! Good Luck everyone! :0)

  13. S.Lynnette Says:

  14. Sarah Wolf Says:

    ‘I just entered my Honey Bunny keychain. Good Luck everyone!
    <a href="

  15. Jasmine Ward Says:

    How fun! So many great designs in the contest! I just entered mine today.

    Good luck to everyone.

  16. Dodgerfl Says:

    Being in florida this is a very important cause

  17. Lorrie Morrison Says:

    This is my entry for the keychain contest:

    I took this photo in the Rainforest Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I like the idea of having contests within the Zazzle website because, even though I’m on Facebook, I don’t spend a lot of time there and may not notice what’s going on as much at the Zazzle Facebook page.

  18. artNimages Says:

    This is my entry>>

  19. Nicole Marques Says:

    My entry as a first generation Immigrant from Europe :-) :

  20. Tammy Says:

    Another great contest, Zazzle! Good luck and best wishes to all!

    Heart Love Checks and Dots Keychain”

  21. Sunita Says:

    Here’s my entry:-

    GOOD LUCK to all my fellow Contestants.
    Have a nice Day!

  22. Renee Designs Says:

    This is my entry for the keychain contest
    I love to draw different character designs and to have the opportunity to showcase my work is great.:)

  23. Heidi Says:

    WhOoOo HoOoO! Check out my entry here:

  24. Dangerous Things (erin) Says:

    My first Zazzle contest yay! Wish me luck and check out my entry :D And Good luck to everyone else as well!

  25. Kalos Eidos Says:

    This is my entry…

    Thanks to Zazzle for the contest, and good luck to everyone!

  26. Katharine Tapley Says:

    Here’s mine:

    World Peace. Graphic, bold, and something we all support.

  27. ArdieAnn Says:

    Brand New to Zazzle and this is my first Contest. Wish me luck ! :)

    Good Luck to everyone :)

  28. Maureen Arnold Says:

    I’m an Appaloosa freak, so here is my submission:

    Again, thanks, Zazzle, for letting us enter without using Facebook.

  29. Be My Valentine Says:

    Here is my entry,, I thought it would be fun since Valentine’s Day is heading our way.. but this design is purrfect for all year for kitty and puppy lovers.

  30. Elsa Says:

    Here is a link to my ‘What time is it?’ Keychain entry. I think it would make a cool gift for the “party animal” in your life. With some customization, it is also appropriate for golfers and others!


  31. Shadorma Says:

    Here’s my contest entry. :)

  32. BeataViscera Says:

    Thank you for finally having an ONSITE contest! Here’s my entry:

  33. Linda Says:

    With Zazzle getting referrals and revenues from International Stores it seems unfair we can’t enter this contest.

  34. Lois Says:

    My entry is meant to inspire the relationship between a parent and a child, or grandchild. Whether or not it wins, I hope to at least intensify that bond. I am grateful to Zazzle for this opportunity to send this message.

  35. The Inspired Edge Says:

    Thank you Zazzle Team for having a contest on here. Even though we are on Facebook we had to many people complaining about adding a application to vote!

    Here is our entry: “Emerald Damask Class Of Graduation Keychain”

    Good Luck to all the Great Zazzle Artists!

    Ken & Faith Gauthier

  36. atomicgrandma Says:

    Road Trip Sock Monkey keychain. Go sock monkey!

  37. Cindy Says:

    My entry is “Blues Labs & Cool Cat”:

  38. Valerie Says:

    Here is my entry for the Premium Keychain Design Contest:

    Love Doves Keychain

    Good luck everyone!

  39. Sal Says:

  40. SixCentsStudio Says:

    Simple & Fun : )

  41. Concetta Says:

    Here is my Keychain Design! Hope you all like her. She is one of my favorites.

  42. Jack Wilson Says:

    Here is my entry for the Premium Key Chain Design Contest , Kid Zazzle says thanks!

  43. girlfriendfactory Says:

    A different look for The Girlfriend Factory:

    or if that doesn’t work,

    Thanks for looking!

  44. zartgallery Says:

    Zazzle is cool! This is my first contest!

  45. Lynne Says:

    Well I am entering anyway LOL. So much talent already! Here is mine:
    Good luck everyone!

  46. ClassofGraduation Says:

    Here is my entry!!

  47. Reflekshins Says:

    The Key Chain Keychain

  48. FNolan Says:

    Here’s my entry . . .

    Who can resist a cute meerkat ;)

    Good Luck One And All

  49. TLCGraphix Says:

    This is my entry for the keychain contest:

    What a unique way to propose to your sweetheart!

  50. chriscaff Says:

    Why are all the competitions USA only? Don’t you value your overseas sellers?

  51. Sher Magins Says:

    I wanted to make a hearts design that could have an added monogram or name inside the heart for someone special.

  52. April Says:

    Everyone is going to want their very own Rainbow Ninja Narwhal that flies. He just makes the day happier.

  53. Rebecca Hamilton Says:

    The Andean Bear Foundation has really enjoyed creating products with Zazzle to support our organization! My keychain is an image of Bubu, the Andean Bear, who has been rescued, rehabilitated and will soon be released into the wild! He has almost 5000 facebook friends and they all shop at ZAZZLE!

  54. She_Wolf_Medicine Says:

    This is my first Zazzle contest. My entry is:

    This photo depicts a very special pony ride for a very young girl. It changed several lives…. Perhaps it will call to the hearts of those, young and old alike, with a love of horses. And, of course, folks can add their name and/or phone # if they like.

    I, too, am glad this contest is on the Zazzle site, rather than filtered through Facebook. Good luck to everyone!

  55. beezazzler Says:

    You guys are all so inspiring….thank you so so much for this opportunity. I entered my “Espresso ~yourself” keychain. I love how it came out and I hope you will like it too! Thanks again, bee :)

  56. zachbear Says:

    Zachary Bear® is a character that we started in 1982, we have started to adapt our designs to let the customer personalize parts of the design by changing the background color. The color picked could be a school team, a national team or just your favorite color. Note that the banner is personalized too! We have been making memories with Zachary Bear for many year and love the high level of customizing that is available at Zazzle.

  57. Sher Magins Says:

    This keychain in time for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion is a checkered and mosaic hearts design with monogram initials. A personalized message can be added to the center of the heart.

  58. Kate Says:

    Here’s mine.
    I made it a while back and chose it for the contest because it’s the one I want for myself.

  59. Last Chance to Enter the Premium Keychain Design Contest « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] is running out to submit your design for the Zazzle Premium Keychain Design Contest.  We have had quite a few amazing entries so far, but time isn’t up yet! If you [...]

  60. kithseer Says:

    Here’s my little last minute entry – Silver and Red filled Hearts

  61. Erica Says:

    I had a hard time deciding which of my keychains to enter. My husband was pulling for this one. I hope everybody likes it!

  62. Bearie Says:

    Here is my San Bernardino Mountains sunset inspired keychain. I designed this keychain with one of the beautiful sunsets we are known for in this part of Southern California:

  63. Claire Says:

    Thank you for holding a contest outside of Facebook!

    Here is my entry, the curved colonnade of Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park in San Diego, California.

  64. Laura Khan Says:

    Good Luck to everyone and remember to Drive Safely!

  65. CuteNComfy Says:

    Here’s my entry for the contest…
    Cute Owl Keychain with Personalized Text

    I had trouble decicing which one to submit for the contest. This was my runner-up, but I decided to go with the first one…
    Personalized Name Colorful Collage Keychain

  66. Laura Khan Says:

    Good luck to everyone!

  67. TANITU Says:

    aw, So SWEET ! Tiny baby Hearts decorate the Sky Blue background of this Charming Premium Round Keychain. Customize the Passionate Red Heart with Your Initial, Your Friends or Your Favorite Couples ( ?+? ). This Sweet Keychain with a Royal Crown makes a Great Gift for Friends, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, or for YourSelf ! Original Design © TANITU Creative-Paradise ~ Designing with Passion is My Fashion ~

    Much Luck to All Zazzlers, and Thank You Zazzle for this OnSite Contest.

    Maybe Facebook Contests could also be open to Pages (to encourage business branding), and not just Profiles.

  68. DoggieAvenue Says:

    I entered my days ago and I don’t see it anywhere in the entries! Help!

  69. Hafapea Says:

    Ok, I’m in :)
    Thank you :)

  70. Knotty Sailor Says:

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows where they will post the Winner’s announcement? Just on the blog or on Zazzle’s home page? I figured someone that has entered a previous contest may have the answer…
    P.S. Here is a link to my entry! I hope it floats your boat!

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