Seller Wednesday – Anti-Valentine’s Day Invitations and more


Valentine’s Day is around the corner – couples are possibly already starting to plan that perfect romantic evening, but for the singles out there Valentine’s Day is just another day… to get your single friends together and throw an awesome Anti-Valentine’s Day party that is.

More and more every year we’ve noticed Anti-Valentine’s Day/Single’s Day parties and events as popular categories on Zazzle. The top products we’ve seen are Anti-Valentine’s Day Invitations, Anti-Valentine’s Day T-Shirts, and other party favor items like buttons and stickers. So if you want to get in on that box-of-chocolaty goodness, be sure to add some Anti-Valentine’s Day merchandise to your Zazzle stores!

Torn Paper Hearts Blue Singles Party InvitationsModern Lights Singles Party InvitationsLove Sucks Anti-Valentine's Day Invitations

SAD Singles Awareness Day T-ShirtLove is Evil T-ShirtHappy Anti-Valentine's Day T-Shirts

Be sure to share your Anti-Valentine’s Day products in the comments below and in the Merchandising Forum!

2 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Anti-Valentine’s Day Invitations and more”

  1. artladymanor Says:

    Valentine’s Day? Thpppttt! :-)

  2. Cutencomfy Says:

    Here’s an anti-valentine’s day design…
    I Love Me, Scribbled Heart T-Shirt by cutencomfySee more Valentines day T-Shirts

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