Top 10 Cutest Valentine’s Day Cards


Cutest Valentine’s Day cards? I know what you’re thinking, “how can he know the cutest Valentine’s Day cards? He’s just one man!” It’s true that cuteness is subjective for most people, unless you’re a cuteologist like me. I’ve spent six months training with puppies, sunshine, and lollypops to ensure that I have a cute-o-meter that is highly tuned to the cutest things on this planet. Just last week I came up with a new, cuter word for kitten (the Cuteness Board of America is still reviewing it). It’s been hard work, but worth it to ensure a perfect response to all things Valentine’s Day. That’s why I submit to you the 10 cutest Valentine’s Day cards ever in full confidence that there will be many “Awwwwww” comments at the end of this blog post. Enjoy.

You have to click on this one to realize it’s full cuteness potential

5 Responses to “Top 10 Cutest Valentine’s Day Cards”

  1. kidzazzle Says:

    I Agree with you all of the 10 are so cute!

  2. ridge Says:

    Awww … I elect mine Cute #11: Heart Tamer Retro Valentine Card. ;-)

  3. Maria Says:

    awwwww i think u r right! the last one is def cutest but u have to view it! the inside left, right! sho cute!!!!!!! puuuuuuurfecto!

  4. Elenind Says:

    Very cute cards! :-)

  5. cute institute Says:

    my fave is def the last one.. very cute!!! :)

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