Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Creativity!


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we are seeing some amazing Valentine’s Day and even anti-Valentine’s Day products pop up! We know how creative you all are, so we want to hear your best idea for a Valentine’s Day gift (for a girl or a guy) using a Zazzle product! Think sweet, thoughtful, outrageous, mushy, cute, off-the-wall, lovey-dovey, unique and everything in between! The possibilities of things to do are endless… we’ll give you a few to get your creative juices flowing. If you and your mate have a song, put some of the lyrics on a mug alongside a picture of the two of you. Or, create a custom wordsearch-style keychain design with your lover’s name and other secret messages hidden in it to add a little fun to their boring keys! Post your ideas in a comment below!

Also, don’t forget that there is still time to leave your mark in the Zazzle Valentine’s Day world by entering our V-Day Necklace Design Contest! We even have an international version of this contest so that EVERYONE can participate! You can view all the current entries below and create your own!

View US Entries | View International Entries | Create Your Own Entry

One Response to “Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Creativity!”

  1. Mr. Wump Says:

    The Love is Awesome Smiley Mug is what I got my wife for V-Day, we are both into internet meme humor and websites like reddit, so it is perfect (of course I got chocolates too – it is st valentines day after all)

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