T-Mobile customers now eligible for iPhone (custom cases)


AT&T’s proposed acquisition on T-Mobile means a massive telecom merger with lots of overtime for lawyers and a collection of great new phones for T-Mobile users – including the iPhone. I’m sure that many T-Mobile customers are excited by the world of apps and accessories now open to them through the AT&T/T-Mobile relationship. At Zazzle, we’d like to be the first to welcome these new T-Mobile users and let them know that (now available!) they can order custom iPhone cases for their AT&T/T-Mobile iPhones! There’s no need to wait for the completion of the merger. Get a custom case now and be ready on day one for your new iPhone. Please note: a custom iPhone case from Zazzle, while providing sexy maximum protection for your iPhone, will not help you get an iPhone any quicker (it will however make you look really cool waiting in line for one). Check out some of my favorite new iPhone 4 cases below.

2 Responses to “T-Mobile customers now eligible for iPhone (custom cases)”

  1. Shane Says:

    My iPhone was a shell of its former self until it was healed with a Zazzle Customized iPhone Case.

  2. Elenne Boothe Says:

    I love that we can design new cases. I have created some new iPhone and iPad cases.

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