Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with LyndasLines


Lynda, from the Zazzle store LyndasLines, answered some questions about her cartoons, her hobbies, and her time as a Zazzler. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out her store LyndasLines!

It's a Boy Baby Congratulations Card

Zazzle: When and how did you first become interested in art? How long have you been making art?

Lynda: I’m told I’ve been drawing and coloring inside the lines since I was 5, and I do remember that I LOVED my box of 64 Crayola crayons with a sharpener in the back!

I’ve been creating art, illustrations and generally making a living at it for 30+ yrs.

Zazzle: When you’re not creating art, what are your other hobbies?

Lynda: When I’m not drawing, designing, painting or working on our other websites, I really enjoy photography – and laughing, a lot of laughing!

Zazzle: What is your favorite style to create?

Lynda: Cartoons are my favorite. They’re a bit of a break from the more realistic illustration and graphics I create; they offer the most fun for me and hopefully, make others smile too.

Zazzle: What has been your favorite design you’ve created, and why?

Lynda: Personally I had the most fun with the “Anita” designs from the Ladies & Gentlemen line. My favorite would be the “Anita ~ cup of coffee”.

Cup of Coffee Magnet

Zazzle: What’s your favorite Zazzle feature? How do you use it?

Lynda: I use the Quick Create tool for most designs, but I also love that I can accommodate some simple custom requests quickly and easily by clicking on the “Customize” button in my shop – because the description and tags, etc. are still in place using that feature. Both tools are huge time savers ~ always a welcome feature!

Zazzle: Do you have any fun stories about being a seller on Zazzle?

Lynda: I love when customers write to let me know how much they enjoy the design they chose to purchase, or when fellow sellers post on new designs to say they like this or that. It feels good to know you’re work is being found and appreciated.

Zazzle: What got you interested in selling your art on Zazzle?

Lynda: My sister and business partner found Zazzle and talked to me into trying it out. There’s a nice range of quality products, it didn’t cost me $ to set up a store, and the products can be customized a little or a lot. I became hooked!

Zazzle: What tips can you give someone who is just starting out on Zazzle?

Lynda: Twenty designs or less won’t get you noticed or bring in sales; you’ll need to put in the time and effort to offer a lot of designs. Make your store looks attractive enough so it’s someplace YOU would want to shop. DON’T COPY others’ designs. Understand going in that building a business or selling on the web, means learning patience, nothing happens overnight. Check out the Zazzle forum, read what others have to say or join in with questions or suggestions. There’s a lot to learn about the many facets of Zazzle, it can be a rewarding experience. Best of luck!

Thanks Lynda

2 Responses to “Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with LyndasLines”

  1. OhmArt Says:

    Nice interview and cool designs Lynda! I have just started a range of Zazzle producs around electronics humour (OhmArt is the zazzle storename; shamless plug). I agree with you – lots of designs is really a good start. I have 9 up on Zazzle at present, up to 24 over the next few weeks, and 150 designs queued up behind that. Now if only the kids will give me the time to get busy!! :)


  2. diligentheart Says:

    Nice interview and enjoyed reading it.

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