Seller Wednesday – Three Great Tips for Graduation Invitations


This Seller Wednesday we’re going to focus on getting your stores ready for graduation season (which is starting NOW).

The season of congratulatory parties and throwing of mortarboards in the air is heavily focused on invitations. We put together a list of a few tips for when you add graduation invitations to your stores that should help you for years to come.

1.       Be sure the date is up-to-date

-          It’s important when creating new graduation products (or reorganize your store for graduation season) that the date isn’t 2008 or 2010 – they should be either dated 2011, or if you’d rather not redo your invites every year, 20xx or 201x. You can easily do this by creating a template (read more about that below).


Photo Graduation Invitation Teal Blue Class of 2011 Graduation Party Invitations

2.       Maximize color options

-          It’s always a good idea to have options, and there’s nothing more variable than school colors.   So when you sit down and make an invite in navy blue, think about all the schools whose colors are gold, red, orange, purple, black, etc.


Graduation Announcement Black Graduation Announcement Green Graduation Announcement Red

3.       Templates!

-          It’s important to be sure you’re helping the customers when making a purchase so that they are more likely to complete that purchase. By making everything they have control over (dates, images, location info, etc) into template fields – it’s easy for the customer to edit the products and order quickly.  You can achieve this by clicking on the “advanced control button” in the design tool and checking the “make this a template” option.

Please share any tips you have for getting your stores ready for graduation in the comments below.

One Response to “Seller Wednesday – Three Great Tips for Graduation Invitations”

  1. Elenne Boothe Says:

    I love that we can create Graduations cards, Invitations and where customs can customize them with their information.
    I have started added Graduations Invitations/cards to my store.

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