Zazzle + SXSW Recap with Pictures

Zazzle at SXSW
The Zazzle Make Crew

The return flights have all landed, the Zazzle Van has been washed, and the Zazzle Make Crew got some much needed rest. The consensus was reported; Zazzle’s presence at 2011 SXSW was an astounding success. Now that the Austin dust has settled a bit, I thought I would share some of what Zazzle was doing at SXSW to spread the amazing power of the Zazzle platform with the world.

There’s no better way to describe the event than in words of Zazzle Make Crew member Rob:

“From the moment we landed in Austin, we were busy making tons of cases for rock stars, dot-comers, artists, and everyone else that came through. Hundreds of iPhones at SXSW were rocking a Zazzle case with custom graphics on them!”

We partnered with Fast Company and Lincoln to create an awesome experience at SXSW for technology/music influencers and enthusiasts, featuring the Zazzle Mobile Make Station. In the Zazzle Mobile Make Station, a real-time design and manufacturing experience, participants had the opportunity to create an iPhone 4 case from their art and photos. Suffice to say free custom iPhone 4 cases were very popular with this tech savvy crowd and the Zazzle Make Crew was mobbed by fans. Check out below to see the picture of the Zazzle Make Crew in action at SXSW.

Zazzle at SXSW
The scene of the crime

Zazzle at SXSW
Julia Allison talkin’ Zazzle

Zazzle at SXSW
Andy helping some fans out with their cases

Zazzle at SXSW
Dog cases are cool

Zazzle at SXSW
Huh? Free iPhone 4 case? WINNING! (he said the last part in his mind – I can sense it)

Zazzle at SXSW
So many cases…

Zazzle at SXSW
Johnny Walter making a case

Zazzle at SXSW
Zazzle Make Crew at the Mobile Make Station

Zazzle at SXSW

Zazzle at SXSW

Zazzle at SXSW

The few days at SXSW were a total success. The Make Crew spread the good word about the Zazzle platform to hundreds of new fans, customers, and a few new Sellers as well. Were you at SXSW? Did you come to the Zazzle Mobile Make Station? Share your story in the comments!

2 Responses to “Zazzle + SXSW Recap with Pictures”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hats off for your energy and creativity on marketing the magic of Zazzle…. looks like it went viral at 2011 SXSWl!


  2. No.59 Deb Says:

    I was there! Great fun to meet so many superly nice people who work at Zazzle. Hi Joyce, Jeff, Rob, Andy and Josh!
    And my iPhone case turned out beautiful, too. Thanks to the crew back at the van!
    photo from Rob’s Artprojekt Twitter

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