May 21st – A Date That is Inspiring Amazing Designs


It’s all over the news and the internets – May 21, 2011 is (or more than likely isn’t) the day the rapture will happen.  When subjects like this pop up, it’s not long before our creative Zazzle Sellers are on it like butter on toasty bread, and we get some mighty delicious designs.

Since “the day,” is right around the bend, I wanted to share with you my favorite rapture designs!

Ugh You're Still Here T-ShirtI Survived May 21 2011 Judgment Day T-ShirtRapture Day End of the World Raptor Day T-Shirt

In Case of Rapture Bumper StickerI Survived the End of the World MugI Survived the Rapture

Now where did I put that Rapture/Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit… does anyone else want toast for some reason?

3 Responses to “May 21st – A Date That is Inspiring Amazing Designs”

  1. Karen B. Jones Says:

    Is this the most Made-fun-of judgement day prediction in recent history, or what?

  2. Cherie Says:

    LOTS of fun, great article! I’m having whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter, and a glass of milk! Bye, bye….see ya next time!

  3. Damen Roy Says:

    Wow! Did I miss judgement day? lol! Love the art!!! Funny stuff!!!

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