Custom Week Coming Soon


Zazzle is proud to be one of the 40+ companies celebrating and collaborating in the inaugural Custom Week starting June 6th! Custom Week 2011’s goal is to spread the word about mass customization by showcasing the amazing amount of custom products available in the global marketplace. As purveyors of custom gifts and apparel, we’re joined by custom mattress manufacturers, custom jewelers, custom energy bars, and so much more. Zazzle is proud to be one of the pioneers in the growing custom space giving customers a unique and powerful experience with the products they purchase. We’re happy to see that the idea of customization is growing and that so many companies are finding unique ways to bring the power of customization to consumers around the world. Learn more about the upcoming Custom Week and other customization platforms at

7 Responses to “Custom Week Coming Soon”

  1. Maria.G Says:

    YAY! go zazzle!!!!!!!!!!11 woooooohooooooooooooooo!

  2. Elenne Says:

    Awesome, Zazzle is the # 1 company and site .

  3. FidesDesign Says:

    Visited; I wonder what “special limited time discounts and promotions” would be?

  4. Custom Motorcycle at Says:

    [...] Custom Week Coming Soon « Zazzle Blog [...]

  5. Elena Indolfi Says:

    Great Zazzle!!!! :-)

  6. Tommy Noshitsky Says:

    Love it , Thanks guys for Pushing it hard . The art of customization is only at its beginning and thanks to people like you , we can create and apply designs on many more medias in order to spread different ideas and vision , pushing the limit of customization and opening doors for creative minds.

  7. Jenirose Hall Says:

    whoot… go go go. Good stuff Zazzle

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