Seller Wednesday – Sunny Summer Festivities


Now that it’s official summer, it’s a perfect time to talk about food upcoming festivities that are perfect to create Zazzle products around – 4th of July, BBQs, Pool Parties, and Family Reunions.

BBQs go hand in hand with all of the other categories highlighted below, but since BBQs are a popular the entire summer season it’s going to get a category all its own… plus I’m all about having another opportunity to talk about BBQs (we can discuss BBQ sauce recipes later).

4th of July – a few popular products include: T-Shirts, Hats, and Buttons

Happy 4th of July T-Shirt4th of July Flag HatLet Freedom Ring Buttons

Pool Parties – a few popular products include: T-Shirts, Invitations, and Hats

Pool Party T-ShirtSummer Pool Party Birthday InvitationSummer Flip Flops Hat

Family Reunions – a few popular products include: T-Shirts, Buttons, and Invitations

Smith Family Reunion T-ShirtSnazzy BBQ set InvitationFamily Reunion 2011 Buttons

BBQ – a few popular products include: Aprons, Invitations, and T-Shirts

I love a Good BBQRetro BBQ Sauce InvitationHot Sauce Boss T-Shirt

Now, who’s having a BBQ and when can I expect my Zazzle Invitation?  Err… what my stomach is trying to say is, if you create any products for any of these summer events we’d love to see you share them in the comments below – happy eating creating!

2 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Sunny Summer Festivities”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Here’s my BBQ invitation.

  2. artbyjehf Says:

    Here’s a couple items for your summer celebrations

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