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Shannon, aka Zazzler HaphiStuff, wrote about a group she founded called indiExhibit that helps artists (and fellow Zazzlers) get together and participate in Hollywood gift lounge events.  To learn more about this amazing community started by a fellow Zazzler, be sure to read the full post below.

Steve-O with an iPad Case by Zazzler PsychoClowns


Our first event was the ESPY awards at the Playboy Mansion in LA in 2010.  What a way to start!  Since then, IE has participated in The Golden Globes, The Sundance Film Festival, The Kid’s Choice Awards, and The MTV Movie Awards gift lounge events.  We even had an opportunity to create special swag bags to send to the set of HBOs huge vampire hit True Blood!  The bags were received at the end of their shooting schedule, but we’re eagerly waiting to see some of our members’ items on the set during the last two episodes of the season!  Members have also received the opportunity to create swag bags to be given away to guests on BETs Monique show.  Every month we will supply the show with a quantity of bags filled with goodies created by our members which will be given to the celebrity guests.  We also had an incredible opportunity to create a special bag for legendary director Tim Burton.  Such an amazing chance to get your name and work in front of influential buyers!

Recently, following a spectacular reception at the MTV Movie Awards at the beginning of June, we have been given the opportunity to create special swag bags for MTV’s The Electric Barbarellas, a hot girl group with their own reality show on the music network. We also have some top secret plans for even more exciting special swag opportunities coming soon!

The indiExhibit is growing by leaps and bounds!  We welcome new members daily and continue to grow, not just in number, but as artists and friends.  Crafters and artisans of all types and levels of experience are heartily welcomed into our group.  We look forward to seeing many more of our fellow Zazzlers joining us at The indiExhibit.

Brandon Mycal Smith with Keds by Zazzler Kewzoo

More about the indiExhibit:

The indiExhibit is a group of artisans and crafters from around the world who have come together to support and promote one another through a non-profit company.  We offer our members the chance to participate in red carpet Hollywood gift lounge events as well as other exciting swag bag opportunities.  By working together as a group, we not only share the expenses, which would be insurmountable for any of us as individuals, but we broaden our sales scope by incorporating a multitude of product types, design techniques, craft styles and demographics.

Founded in 2010 by Shannon Justice (known as HahpiStuff here on Zazzle), The indiExhibit works as a community; a place where artists of all type are welcome to come and participate at the level they are comfortable with.  Everyone is welcome at IE!  We have tons of Zazzlers, but we also have jewelers, doll makers, sculptors, vocal artists, fashion accessory designers, authors and so many incredible artisans.  We encourage our members to get to know one another through our private Facebook group, which fosters an environment of camaraderie, idea sharing and cooperation.  Some of our members have even come together to collaborate on projects, combining their artistic talents to create something entirely new and share the cost of the event.  It’s a wonderful, fun, nurturing environment.

When it comes time to participate in events, members are given several options for participation to meet both their promotional needs as well as financial ones. Packages range from simply including business cards to providing items for the swag bags and having an item on display.  Swag bags are given to the celebrities who attend the gift lounge event and we also have an option to provide info and products to be given to members of the press who attend these galas.  Members who opt for the display packages will usually get a photo or their product with a celebrity.  These photos can be used by the members for non-paid advertising – which are excellent for their blogs, websites, and other forms of promotion.

You never know what will happen because of one of these shows!  Some of our members have been contacted directly by stars wanting their items.  One of our jewelers sold her display necklace from one show to a member of the press, who then bought her display necklace from the next show before the show even happened!  Sometimes a star will even ask if they can have an item.  At a recent event one star fell in love with a member’s pair of Ked’s and another star went nuts for someone’s skateboard deck.  How can you put a price on being able to say a well-known star has your product?

Kyle and Chris Massey with Skateboards by Zazzlers KRWdesigns and VitalVirtues

Shannon and The indiExhibit administration are constantly thinking of new, affordable ways for their members to participate and get the word out about their products.  This month alone, three new projects were rolled out to try and increase exposure and opportunities for our members.

If you’re interested in learning more, or possibly joining indiExhibit, contact Shannon by shooting an email to her at

16 Responses to “Seller Wednesday – Guest Blog by HahpiStuff”

  1. Kerry Says:

    YAY! The indiExhibit ROCKS!!!! Thanks for the post :)

  2. Shannon Justice Says:

    To give credit where credit is due, my amazing indiExhibit assistant, Kerry of KRW Designs, put together this great guest blog :) Thanks again to Kerry, and to ALL of the indiExhibit members that make our group so great!

  3. gothictoggs Says:

    AWESOME!! Thank you Zazzle for posting this and Kerry, Shannon, Kathy and all our administrators and members for an amazing group and the honest friendships I’ve made along the way. The IndiExhibit has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me in terms of getting my Zazzle shops out there and you cannot beat the exposure! I urge everybody to check it out and come join in all the fun!!

  4. Deborah Mazarakes Says:

    Nice write-up about a great group!

  5. Karen White Says:

    We Rock! We are the best gift lounge group on the planet.

  6. Tammy Says:

    Wonderful write up Kerry! Congrats to you, Shannon and the indiExhibit on your wonderful successes! :) Tammy

  7. Sal aka: Schmmer Says:

    Fantastic group! Great post to get the news out to more people.

  8. Nicole Says:

    Great job! :-)

  9. mgdezigns Says:

    way to go! everyone at Indie Exhibit Rocks! great,hardworking,supportive,loving,helpful,SINCERE people!!!! must check it out!!!! well done and Congrats all of you esp Shannon Kerry and everyone who is working so hard for this group!

  10. all_items Says:

    Great job Kerry!

  11. Nia Says:

    I happen to be one of the proud members and admins of the indiExhibit group. It is a wonderful and fun group to be a part of. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a part of the HOTTEST group of “REAL” people/artist out there while also gaining exposure for your products don’t hesitate to join us! Visit us at: Yay indiExhibit!!! :)

  12. ittybitty Says:

    Sadly am not in USA to enjoy this,but it makes for a great read.Myshelle

  13. Karen White Says:

    Hi ittybitty, I am Kewzoo, they are my shoes are in the second photo and I am from Brisbane, Australia ao you can still be in it.

  14. D-DIgital Says:

    The skateboard designs were Kick@$$!

  15. D-DIgital Says:

    Hey! Love the designs! Please check out mine!

  16. Melba L. May Says:

    Great talent, check out all the newbies!

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