What’s more important, the end of the Shuttle program or LA’s Carmageddon?


So what do you think people are searching for on Zazzle? Are they searching for product to commemorate the end of the NASA Space Shuttle program which enjoyed over thirty years of enriching scientific research and outer-orbit exploration? Or, are they searching for products in relation to the colossal traffic nightmare this weekend’s closure of The 405 (why does everyone in LA start freeway names with “the”?) aptly dubbed, “Carmageddon” will generate?

While the Space Shuttle program was popular at the start of the month, the fear of LA commuters is quickly overpowering space exploration and trending towards new heights. This might be because Carmageddon makes for a funny t-shirt or because people might care about their commute a bit more than space history. Why do you think Carmageddon is so popular? Will the Debt Ceiling be more popular? Share in the comments!

See more Space Shuttle t-shirts and Carmageddon t-shirts in the Zazzle marketplace.

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